Learn About One Man’s Switch From the Fast Lane to Fellowship

Learn how one man put the brakes on his life in the fast lane.

For Scott Kanemura, life was better when it was speeding by in the rear-view mirror. Now, he’s trading it all in for a chance to give back.

Kanemura was known for his penchant for the fast life — the 51-year-old’s journey revolved around fast thrills and fast money. He was a budding entrepreneur — starting businesses and moonlighting as a drug dealer — before he struck gold on the street racing circuit thanks to his affinity for import tuners.

The world of street racing gained mass notoriety in the early 2000s thanks to the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, but Kanemura came first by nearly a decade.

Despite his success in the world of car modifications — even gaining the attention of national manufacturers and car corporations on the international stage — Kanemura was looking for more.

His business had a net worth hovering around the $2 million mark, he had a growing reputation in the car world and a lavish lifestyle, but internally, he was “spiritually broken.”

“I remember driving home from church one day and I’m looking down at this watch or whatever, it’s supposed to be a $10,000 watch. I’m like, ‘Is this what life is about?’,” said Kanemura.

He decided it was time to change in a big way.

Kanemura is liquidating all of his assets — the cars, the watches, the business — and moving to Japan. Once there, he plans to run a self-sustaining farm to help those struggling with addiction or coming out of jail.

He said his goal is simple: “Maybe try to relate to people and just try to help them try to get ahead in life instead of going through all of the struggles and drugs and all that,” he said. “There is an option.”

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