Take a 3-Month Italian Vacation Thanks to Airbnb — and It’s Not the Only Company Offering Travel Perks

Travelzoo and other companies will help you see the world.
  • Airbnb is offering a three-month Italian sabbatical program, which will sponsor four people to live and volunteer in the village of Grottole as part of a revitalization effort.
  • Other companies that will hire you to live abroad include Diverbo and United Airlines.
  • Some companies will pay you to live abroad, and others offer free accommodations in exchange for volunteering your time.

If living in the Italian countryside is your idea of “la dolce vita,” Airbnb’s new sabbatical program is probably your dream opportunity. The worldwide home rental company is sponsoring four individuals to spend three months living in the village of Grottole, during which they’ll truly experience rural life. The purpose of the trip is to help revitalize the town, which now has hundreds of empty homes and only 300 inhabitants. Sabbatical participants will learn how to speak — and cook — like a local, and also spend time volunteering with the nonprofit Wonder Grottole, a community program supported by Airbnb. By the end of their sabbatical they’ll be co-hosting stays and passing on what they’ve learned to other visitors.

Although this opportunity is definitely unique, Airbnb isn’t the only company that will offer you the exciting job perk of traveling or living abroad.


Stay for free in Spain or Germany when you volunteer with Diverbo, which connects groups of English-speaking volunteers with locals looking to brush up on their language skills. Trips typically last for six to eight days, during which you’re expected to regularly converse with participants. In exchange, your accommodations are free.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line sails to over 400 destinations, which you can explore as a shipboard employee. Accommodations and meals are provided on the ship, plus you’re free to go ashore and shop, eat or just relax when the ship is in port.


The Travelzoo site is full of deals on vacations and unique experiences, and part of working there is getting to experience those deals for yourself. The company gives its employees an annual stipend specifically to use toward Travelzoo deals, plus extra vacation days to enjoy them.

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United Airlines

You don’t have to work as a flight attendant or pilot to get the experience of working abroad with United. The global airline is currently hiring technicians, sales managers and analysts to work at locations outside of the U.S. And you’ll get plenty of opportunities to travel off-the-clock — all United employees get discounted rates on airline tickets and unlimited standby travel to anywhere the airline flies.


Organic farmers worldwide host volunteers through WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms. As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside your hosts in exchange for your free stay. WWOOF has locations around the globe, from Chile to the Philippines, and many places in between.

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