Going Back to School – The Benefits of a Higher Degree

You hear a lot about how beneficial it is to go to college and getting a high degree – and it is true because this is the way America works. The more skills and knowledge you have, you become a more important asset to your company.

It has been proven in many studies that the higher the degree a person obtains, the greater the earning potential is likely to be. But aside from earning more money, what are some benefits inherent in earning a higher degree?

Some facts to consider about higher degrees are:

  • Better Benefits

Reports show that individuals who have higher levels of education have access to better employer-sponsored health benefits and pension plans. According to a 2007 College Board study called “Education Pays,” these benefits and plans increase with every level of education completed. In fact, the study showed that almost 70 percent of full-time employees with at least a bachelor’s degree are given access to pension plans. On the other hand, only 53 percent of high school graduates are given the same access.

  • Better Health?

Because individuals with higher degrees are more often given access to health benefits, they are said to take a greater interest in their well being, and thus have a greater likelihood of good health. At the same time, many companies will also pay for gym memberships to their employees; and often these benefit packages are from companies who higher employees with college degrees only.

  • Societal Benefits

Those who obtain higher degrees are said to not only benefit themselves, but also the community because they take a greater interest in their surroundings. Whether through volunteering, voting, or even donating blood, the College Board study indicates that those with higher levels of education are more likely to participate than those with lower levels of education.

Whether the benefits of a higher degree rest solely with the student or branch out into the community, it is apparent that there are some definite advantages of higher education. However, this is not the only route to success. There are many other avenues available to make your mark and get your piece of the American Dream. It’s your job to analyze your personal desire and decide what’s best for you.