4 Jobs You’re Most Likely to Live Paycheck to Paycheck

If you work in these fields, your paycheck might be lacking.

People hold jobs to make a living, but not every job is going to pay you a fortune. GOBankingRates took a look at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to see which gigs are most likely to leave employees living paycheck to paycheck.

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No. 4: Fast Food Cook — $9.55 Per Hour

Even though Spongebob Squarepants seemed happy on his fry cook salary, take a look at the average fast food cook’s income.

The fact that most fast food cooks get on-the-job training is a double-edged sword — since that lack of formal education leaves them with a median annual salary of just $19,860. People who work as fast food cooks might need to find ways to make money on the side to help with that income disparity.

No. 3: Hair Assistant — $9.47 Per Hour

Getting your hair styled might feel like a luxury expense, but there’s nothing luxurious about the cost. Hair assistants make a low median salary of just $19,700.

Alternatives for people in the field include acquiring a formal cosmetology license or working to become a full-fledged stylist.

No. 2: Food Preparation and Service — $9.35 Per Hour

This is not exactly one of those jobs that people love. When you work as a food preparer, you’re at the mercy of people’s ravenous hunger. That means the hours can be exhausting and unpredictable, especially considering the low pay.

The annual median income to prepare food is $19,440, giving you a $9,587 cost-of-living shortfall.

No. 1: Gaming Dealer — $9.27 Per Hour

Don’t ante up for this gig. The lowest-paying gig on our list helps people indulge in their dreams of getting rich — but most gaming dealers don’t ever see wealth.

People who work as gaming dealers earn an annual median salary of just $19,290, which is $9,737 less than what’s needed to cover the average cost of living. Even though the house always wins, it doesn’t mean that the dealer themselves necessarily do.

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