Millennials Are Taking Work-Life Balance to a Whole New Level

Millennials' work-life balance is more achievable than ever.
  • Companies like Selina, Outsite and Roam have set up co-living/co-working spaces around the world.
  • The spaces appeal particularly to millennials, who aren’t quite ready to “settle down,” and want to travel.
  • The cost of living abroad in a Selina location can be less than the cost of rent in New York City or San Francisco.

For many people, going to work means driving to and from the office every day. But what if going to work meant taking a yoga class before settling into your desk with a view of the Costa Rican rainforest? Or surfing during your lunch break while working on a remote island in Panama?

This is the new reality for many millennials in the workplace who are taking advantage of a growing number of co-living/co-working spaces that are popping up around the world, thanks to companies like Selina, Outsite and Roam. With the help of these companies, millennials are creating their own work-life balance.

How Millennials’ Demands Have Created Co-Living/Co-Working Spaces

“There have always been travelers and backpackers who want to live and explore around the world, but what we’re seeing is an increasing number of millennials who aren’t ready to ‘settle down’ with mortgages or long-term commitments like previous generations — they desire flexibility, and they crave experiences more than ever before,” said Yoav Gery, president of Selina, in an email. “Millennials want to make money so they can travel, experience the world and meet other people.”

Now they can make money while traveling thanks to places like Selina, which sets up offices for remote workers in locations such as Mexico City; Medellin, Colombia; and San Jose, Costa Rica. The locations also offer on-site accommodations, as well as social activities and events to help people connect as these companies answer the age-old question, “What is work-life balance?” in a new way.

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“What we’re doing at Selina is creating a platform for today’s generation of digital nomads to be able to live, work and explore anywhere in the world,” said Gery. “By creating an ecosystem of authentic locations and cultural experiences in interesting and unique locations around the world — somewhere you can conveniently and affordably stay, work, eat, meet people and explore — we’re offering the freedom to explore the world while keeping your life in play. Whether they’re digital nomads or remote workers, often our guests are spending less at Selina than they were on rent in New York or San Francisco — but they’re getting paid exactly the same. They’re saving money while traveling the world.”

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Gery said that all the elements to make a place like Selina work were already in play — but now it’s easier than ever before for millennials to have the work-life balance they crave.

“Everybody has got a laptop and a cellphone, there’s Wi-Fi everywhere and airfares are cheaper to travel around the world,” said Gery. “It’s easier than ever to stay connected wherever in the world you are, so we’re seeing an increasing number of people pick up and take their life on the road. If they can disconnect, grab their laptop and still answer their phone every day — but from the beach? That’s the dream, and this idea resonates with millennials.”

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