5 Millionaires Reveal Surprising Truths About Their Jobs

These stars struggled with making it big.

Luxury cars, extravagant houses, private jets to exotic destinations — in today’s society, a million dollars is easy to spend. However, there’s a reason most people only see such large sums with a lifetime of saving and careful investing; the jobs that create millionaires aren’t for the faint of heart.

Celebrities, professional athletes and industry giants haven’t always walked the easiest path on their way to an eight- or nine-digit net worth. To many, it may look like their lives are all play and no work, but the truth isn’t so glamorous.

Selena Gomez grew up in the spotlight, starting her career as a child on “Barney & Friends” before eventually breaking onto the scene in a big way when she landed the lead in Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place.” While it should have been smooth sailing from there, her career shortly had to be put on hold for health reasons after she was diagnosed with lupus and sought rehab for her mental health.

Two of the biggest names in music today, Taylor Swift and Adele, struggled with their identity in music even as their stardom climbed. Taylor’s squeaky clean, good-girl image fell under fire time and time again in a series of public feuds, ultimately pushing her to take her career in a new direction using the damage as inspiration. Despite the early success under her belt, Adele found it difficult to define her sound and suffered rejections when working on her album “25” that rocked her confidence.

The worlds of professional sports and comedy have almost nothing in common, but Lebron James and Amy Schumer share more than you might think. Both reveal that they struggle with judgment from others and their own insecurities despite their talents and Schumer’s career being based on her self-deprecating humor. James sometimes vents his frustrations online about how he feels like more of a stat than a real person.

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