Workers at This Chick-fil-A Are About to Earn $18 an Hour

The hefty raise adds up to a 50 percent increase.

Employees at a Sacramento, Calif., Chick-fil-A are getting a major raise.

Starting June 4, people currently employed as “hospitality professionals” will see wages jump roughly $5 per hour, from $12.50-$13 to $17-$18. Additionally, supervisors will receive paid time off and all employees will receive paid sick leave.

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For franchise owner Eric Mason, the decision to boost wages comes ahead of California legislation passed in 2016 to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. Most employers are likely raising wages gradually, but not Mason.

A big motivator for Mason to start the process now: employee retention. Mason’s philosophy is that people are a “key component to successful businesses.” With his Chick-fil-A paying its employees as much as $6.58 more per hour than the average fast food employee in Sacramento, Mason hopes to attract the kind of employee who is committed to working at Chick-fil-A for the long-term.

For Mason’s employees, the raise is potentially a life-changing amount of money. California — which has the third-highest cost of living in the country — isn’t friendly to minimum wage workers. In the Sacramento metro area, where the median home sale price is $373,800 and the median rent price is $1,850, the boost offers a livable wage to families with two working adults and two children, according to the Living Wage Calculator.

Thanks to Mason’s decision to provide his employees with what they need to get by, scoring a job at Chick-fil-A might have just become a little more competitive.

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