James Bond’s Aston Martin Could Be Yours for $400K

Daniel Craig's luxury sports car is being auctioned for charity.

It’s true that there is only one Bond, James Bond. But with enough disposable income, you, too, can cruise around like Agent 007.

It’s only befitting that the actor who plays Britain’s iconic secret agent drives the iconic British sports car. On April 20, Daniel Craig’s personalized 2014 Centenary Edition Vanquish, a limited-edition Aston Martin, will go on the auction block at Christie’s in New York City — and it’s expected to fetch up to $600,000.

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The “James Bond” franchise has produced 25 films over the last 56 years, and Craig is the latest actor to assume the role of MI6 Agent 007. In the four most recent films, Craig’s chiseled jaw and brooding eyes have added additional layers of depth to Bond’s hallmark effortlessly debonair and sophisticated persona.

All proceeds from the sale of Craig’s sports car will be donated to the charity The Opportunity Network, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering and guiding students from underrepresented communities into college. Aside from the sheer cool quotient of driving James Bond’s car, the auction buyer will join an ultra-exclusive club of car owners. As its name implies, only 100 Centenary Edition Vanquish cars were manufactured in honor of Aston Martin’s centennial birthday in 2013. The left-hand drive midnight blue roadster was customized to Craig’s specifications and has a deep blue, hand-stitched, luxury leather interior, and an interior mounted silver plaque aptly numbered 007.

Craig’s British roadster challenges the rule that cars are a classic example of depreciating assets. When the Vanquish rolled out of Aston Martin’s global headquarters in Warwickshire, England, its base price was $282,110, according to Edmunds — considerably less than original owners likely paid for the luxury car.

Craig’s Centenary Edition Vanquish has a 6.0-liter engine, runs on a V12 petrol engine with a top speed of 183 mph and is the perfect vehicle for espionage missions or simply cruising around town — just remember to not get behind the wheel after you’ve had a vodka martini — shaken, not stirred.

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