Wells Fargo Just Gave Jimmy Carter $250K to Build Homes Anyone Can Afford

Jimmy Carter continues to give back as he turns 94.
  • Monday marks former President Jimmy Carter’s 94th birthday.
  • Carter and his wife have shunned personal fame and fortune and instead leverage their status into raising awareness for humanitarian causes.
  • The couple has long championed Habitat for Humanity, and the nonprofit recently received a $250,000 corporate donation from Wells Fargo.

On Monday, Jimmy Carter, the longest living former United States president, celebrated his 94th birthday.

In the decades since his time as leader of the free world, Carter and Rosalynn, his wife of 72 years, have remained low-key but steadfastly dedicated to philanthropy and leading by example. Through the Carter Work Project, 4,290 affordable homes have been developed and built across the country in the last 35 years. The project recently received a $250,000 donation from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation.

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Carter uses his elevated status to raise awareness for humanitarian and global health causes. The 94-year-old plans to don his tool belt at a build next year for an affordable housing project in Nashville, Tenn.

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The former peanut farmer returned to the same home in rural Georgia where he lived before his presidency after he served one term as the president of the United States. Carter eschewed the celebrity lifestyle and six-figure lecture circuit that many ex-presidents adopt after their years working in the Oval Office. In the years since he’s been the Commander in Chief, Carter has written 33 books that addressed his life, legacy and opinions on foreign relations, women’s rights and religion. Compared with his fellow former presidents, his book sales are modest.

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Jimmy Carter Net Worth: $7M

Despite his rumored net worth of $7 million and his former president annual pension of $210,700, the famously frugal Carter opts for paper plates, Solo cups, bargain brand wine and flies commercial. His two-bedroom home in Plains, Georgia, was assessed at $167,000. His staff and security detail costs American taxpayers just $456,000 annually — the lowest of any living ex-president by about half, including his pension.

Here are some quick facts on Carter:

  • Full name: James Earl Carter
  • Birthday: Oct. 1, 1924
  • Hometown: Plains, Georgia
  • Spouse: Rosalynn Carter
  • Children: John William, James Earl III, Donnel Jeffrey and Amy Lynn
  • Presidential term: 1977-81
  • Political affiliation: Democrat

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