How a Savvy Royal Wedding Guest Turned Her Gift Bag Into $28,718

A spectator went from invited guest to entrepreneur.

Some guests were awed by the looks of love Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged during last Saturday’s royal wedding, and others were inspired into entrepreneurshipOf the 2,640 members of the public invited to Windsor Castle for the wedding, including 1,200 young people invited because of their service to their communities and strong leadership, one spectator is now a lot richer.

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On Tuesday evening, eBay user claireoliver87 reportedly sold a royal wedding souvenir gift bag for a whopping 21,400 British pounds, or $28,718. The anonymous winner of the auction had stiff competition, as their bid beat out 83 others.  

The listing has since been removed, but the sale included the souvenir gift bag itself — bearing the initials of Harry and Meghan — plus bottled water, a fridge magnet, a chocolate coin, shortbread, a program and a coupon for a discount at the Windsor Castle gift shop.

As of Wednesday afternoon, various pieces of royal wedding spectator souvenirs are live on eBay and up for auction. One listing from seller jesterzusmc ended with a bid of $2,000 for the commemorative gift bag alone — no goodies included.  

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Featured image courtesy of Tracey Doughty.