Tony Robbins’ Best Advice for 30-Somethings

Tony Robbins is probably the most famous life and business advisor in the world — and certainly one of the most highly sought after. The speaker, author, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist has coached world leaders, superstar athletes, financial magnates and presidents.

Some of Robbins’ advice holds special significance for 30-somethings who are looking for guidance as they enter the next stage of their lives. Life can be complicated at any age, but your 30s are a transitional decade between youth and middle age. Here are 10 bits of Robbins’ wisdom aimed at people in their 30s.

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1. Invest Now — It Will Never Be the Perfect Time

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In an interview with Inc., Robbins discussed how success begins with believing you can be successful — and how important it is to get started right away:

“To be a great investor, you need to make good decisions without perfect knowledge. The first step is not to wait until you have a huge sum of money. The illusion is that when you have more money, you’ll invest, and it’ll be more worthwhile. The most important thing to do is start investing now so you can unlock the power of compounding.”

For 30-somethings, it isn’t too late to start investing — but they can’t afford to wait much longer. The power of compound interest requires time to reach its full potential. Compound interest — as opposed to simple interest — builds on both the original principal and the accumulated interest of previous periods. Because you are building interest on interest, the most dramatic gains come with time.

To take advantage of this powerful economic force, open a savings, checking, or money market account that pays compound interest, or invest in bonds or mutual funds that pay compound interest. Avoid simple interest — which pays money only on the principal — and invest whatever you can starting now. (Photo credit: Morning Joe)

2. Consider What You Want to Get Out of Every Situation

On his blog, Robbins wrote the following in the context of planning for success:

 “Having a clear result or outcome and consistently focusing on it immediately changes your behavior. For example, can you remember the last time you were caught up in an argument? Maybe you forgot what you were even arguing about — yet you knew inside you had to win! What if, in the middle of that argument, you asked yourself, ‘What result do I really want from this?’ You would have realized that your outcome was not to argue but to create a resolution.”

Many people in their 30s are trying to escape the impulsive decision-making of their youth and the consequences of those impulse-driven decisions. Robbins recommends taking control over impulses in any given situation by asking three questions:

  •      What do I really want?
  •      What is my desired outcome?
  •      What is the specific outcome I hope to achieve?

3. Measure Success by How Much You Are Able to Give

One of Robbins’ recurring themes is the power of giving. On his blog, he wrote about creating the ultimate vision for your life:

“Always give more than you expect to receive. This is the most important key because it virtually guarantees true happiness. Most people spend their time thinking about how they can receive. Our lives change the moment we change our focus from what we can get to what we can give.”

It is natural for 30-somethings to seek inner fulfillment after living for themselves throughout their 20s. Robbins recommends you “give first and then keep on giving,” whether you volunteer, mentor or give to charity.

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4. The Only Way to Find Answers Is to Ask Questions

Robbins also writes about the power of being inquisitive on his blog:

“Quality questions create a quality life. They direct our mental focus and therefore determine how we think and feel.”

The Tony Robbins philosophy is all about empowerment through perspective. People in their 30s find it hard to change their perspective because — for the first time in their lives — they have been in the same routine for years on end.

Robbins believes that by asking questions, you can change your perspective — and your life. Resist the urge to ask negative questions like, “Why does this always happen to me?” Ask yourself everyday what in your life you are most:

  •      Happy about
  •      Excited about
  •      Proud of
  •      Committed to
  •      Grateful for

5. Make Yourself More Valuable

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In an interview with Inc., Robbins discussed the importance of making yourself irreplaceable:

“The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more. And you will have the opportunity to earn more — whether you own the best food truck in Austin, Texas, or you’re the top salesperson at your company or even the founder of Instagram.”

Many people seek career changes in their 30s as their priorities shift. Robbins recommends pursuing a passion, not what you think will be most profitable. Then, instead of trying to discover how to make money off of it, focus on how you can use that passion to improve people’s lives. If it improves people’s lives, it will eventually be profitable. (Photo credit: Randy Stewart,

6. Concentrate Your Energy on One Thing

Robbins advises people to harness their energy and focus it in one direction:

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.”

People in their 30s possess something they never had before: genuine life experience. Robbins recommends picking something you’re passionate about and getting as good at it as possible.

7. Achieve Real Change Slowly and Steadily

There are no quick fixes, and Robbins believes that positive change requires a lifelong effort:

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.”

Positive change is never easy to make, but people in their 30s have an advantage. They have been grown-ups long enough to know themselves, know their weaknesses, know their demons and know their triggers. For the first time, real change might be possible on your terms. Robbins believes that you can make real change right away — but, like dieting, success comes from changing your long-term habits.

8. You Are Only Successful If You’re Doing What Is Important to You

On his blog, Robbins writes about the necessity of prioritizing what is important over what is urgent:

 “A life of fulfillment is one in which we put urgency in its place and remember that the ultimate target is to spend our lives doing what is most important to us.”

According to Robbins, you should evaluate in which “zone” you spend most of your time — doing things that are urgent, such as your job and fulfilling obligations; important, such as focusing on family and passions; or neither, such as distractions like TV. Find out where you’re spending your time and shift as much as you can to what Robbins describes as “the fulfillment zone,” things that are very important but not urgent.

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9. Gratitude Must Precede Success

For Robbins, appreciation for what you have is the key to getting more:

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

People in their 30s are by no means old, but their parents are getting older, and their kids are growing up. Practicing gratitude, or mindfulness, is more than just sharing inspirational messages via social media. It can be the starting point for a new perspective and a new life in which you change how you value things and experiences.

10. Take Care of Your Body — It Is Your Most Valuable Asset

On his blog, Robbins discusses why a healthy body is the foundation of a successful life:

“If you don’t master your body — your capacity to maximize your health, energy and vitality — all the money, career success or contribution in the world will be worthless.”

If you’re in your 30s, you’re probably aware that your body isn’t what it was when you were in your 20s. It’s not going to be any better in your 40s — unless you do something now. Get healthy. Robbins calls the body the “vehicle through which you experience life,” so tuning up your vehicle can lead to a much longer and more enjoyable journey.