Rate of Women Billionaires Surges, Outpacing Men by Nearly 4%

Who run the world? Girls.

The future — of extreme wealth — is female.

The number of female billionaires rose by 18 percent in 2017, whereas the male billionaire population rose by only 14.5 percent, according to wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X’s Billionaire Census 2018. Although there are still more billionaire men than women, the female share of the global billionaire population has risen to 11.7 percent.

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The majority of female billionaires — 53.5 percent — inherited their wealth, whereas 16.9 percent are self-made. The remainder gained their wealth through a combination of the two. Although inheritance still makes up the largest share of the wealth source for females, the number of women who are billionaires due to a combination of inheritance and self-made wealth has been increasing.

“Among the female billionaire population there has been a steady rise in the share whose net worth can be attributed both to inheritance and to self-made wealth creation, implying a greater degree of risk-taking entrepreneurialism,” the survey said. “The growth of the billionaire class in Asia and other emerging markets has been a key driver of this trend.”

In contrast to female billionaire wealth sources, the majority of male billionaires — 62 percent — are self-made, whereas only about 8 percent are billionaires due to inheritance. Overall, 56.8 percent of billionaires of both genders are self-made, 13.2 percent inherited their wealth and 30 percent are billionaires due to a combination of the two.

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The Wealth-X census also found that the billionaire population and its wealth reached record levels in 2017. There are now 2,754 individuals who are billionaires, with their wealth totaling $9.2 trillion. This growth in billionaires occurred across all regions, with Asia seeing the largest jump in its billionaire population — particularly in China and India. There are now more billionaires in Asia than in North America for the first time.

A positive trend noted by the study is that billionaires are giving back more. There are now 175 individuals across 22 countries who have signed the Giving Pledge — a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back — and Wealth-X predicts that the value of those pledges could be as high as $600 billion by 2022.

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