Back to the Future? The DeLorean Is Being Revived as an EV

Bad KAnig, Germany - July 13, 2013:A  DeLorean DMC-12 manufactured by the Delorean Motor Company.
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At the end of the movie “Back to the Future,” the ’80s blockbuster where a time-traveling DMC DeLorean took center stage, the sports car is shown being fueled by trash. But the next iteration of the car — a surprise in the auto business — might be powered not by trash, but by electricity.

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In a 15-second Super Bowl spot that aired Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, the car manufacturer hinted at the new vehicle, showing simply the silhouette of the trademark gull-wing doors opening against a dark background. The commercial began with the line “The future was never promised.” Viewers could find more details in a tweet shared the same day, where @deloreanmotorco shared the hashtags “#DeloreanEVolved” and “#ElectricVehicle” among others. It also invited people to “Sign up for the premiere of the DeLorean in 2022.”

So far, the video has gotten 253.3K views on Twitter.

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In addition to the relaunch of the vehicle, DeLorean announced the opening of a new global headquarters in Port San Antonio, bringing roughly 450 jobs to the area, multiple news sources reported. The company’s current headquarters are located in Humble, Texas.

Working with mechanic Stephen Wynne, today’s DeLorean manufacturing company may bear a similar name as the company that produced the famed “Back to the Future” vehicle, but they are not the same company, a 2019 Popular Mechanics article details.

After the original company, owned by John Z. DeLorean, went bankrupt in 1982, Wynne made a name for himself as one of the few auto mechanics who could repair and service the vehicles. In the mid-’90s, per Popular Mechanics, Wynne began acquiring trademarks, parts, and intellectual property from the original company to reinvent the now-classic vehicle. There are roughly 6,000 or so original DeLoreans on the road today, according to Bloomberg.

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The new DMC — known formally as DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC — is headed up by CEO Joost de Vries, who comes to the company from California-based Karma, a developer of hybrid and electric vehicles. DMC has not, as of yet, revealed any timelines or pricing for the release of the new EV, according to

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