20 Companies That Create the Most American Jobs

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Radu Bercan / Shutterstock.com

As the current economic boom continues, the unemployment rate in the United States remains persistently low as more and more Americans find new jobs. But which companies are the most responsible for the job growth in this red-hot labor market? Which companies are making investments in America’s future and helping provide job creation that’s benefitting the most Americans?

With an eye to providing some insight, GOBankingRates has compiled a list of the companies that have made major announcements about creating new American jobs in the last few years. Learn more about the companies that are expanding their North American workforces and how many new jobs in America they have announced as part of those plans.

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20. Whirlpool

When announced: January 2018
Jobs created: 200

Companies getting a specific boost from the swirling trade war with China are makers of washing machines, now benefitting from a hefty 50% tariff placed on devices from foreign competitors like Samsung and LG Electronics. And, while domestic manufacturer Whirlpool is likely facing higher costs for materials based on the aforementioned tariffs on imported metals, the tariffs on washing machines were still high enough for Whirpool to announce that it was adding 200 jobs to plants in Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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19. United States Steel Corporation

When announced: May 2018
Jobs created: 500

Another company apparently bolstered by the new tariffs on imported steel, U.S. Steel announced plans to re-hire or recruit some 500 workers for a blast furnace that was previously idled in 2015. That should mean good things for the Illinois city of Granite City, from whose residents many of the jobs will likely be filled.


18. Ford

When announced: February 2019
Jobs created: 500

Ford is expanding its existing plants in the Chicago area, investing $1 billion and adding about 500 new positions at its assembly and stamping plants there. It’s part of plans to expand manufacturing of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, and the company is also planning on including new 3D-printing tools and robots, as well. But with that $1 billion price tag, here’s hoping the company can afford it.

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17. Android Industries

When announced: October 2017
Jobs created: 513

Automotive module assembler Android Industries bucked the trend toward foreign manufacturing by expanding in Indiana and Michigan instead. The expansion of its facility in Allen County, Indiana (near Fort Wayne) — done in partnership with Avancez — announced on Halloween in 2017 included plans to hire some 313 workers by the end of 2018. Android’s plant in Flint, Michigan, also hired more workers, announcing in June of last year that it needed some 200 additional employees at the plant.

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16. Toyota

When announced: March 2019
Jobs created: 600

Toyota is making some big investments in America. The Japanese carmaker initially made a pledge to invest $10 billion in the U.S. to expand operations back in 2017, but it recently revealed it was upping that promise to about $13 billion over the next five years. Included in that is the expected 600 new manufacturing jobs connected to expansion plans in Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia.


15. JSW Steel USA

When announced: June 2018
Jobs created: 1,000

Domestic steel producers are in a considerably stronger position than they were before the additional levies on their foreign competitors. And JSW Steel — a Houston-based steel mill that produces hot-rolled plates and pipes — announced last year that a planned expansion would result in hiring 1,000 new workers for what CEO John Hritz calls “high-tech jobs.”

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14. Salesforce

When announced: November 2018
Jobs created: 1,000

Salesforce is adding to its forces in Chicago. It announced plans to build a new skyscraper with 500,000 square feet of space to house 1,000 new employees at what will become the company’s new regional headquarters when it opens in 2023.

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13. Volkswagen

When announced: January 2019
Jobs created: 1,000

While the German automaker might have recently taken a major PR hit over its damaging emissions scandal, it is likely winning back hearts and minds in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the announcement that it would be spending $800 million to build a new electric vehicle plant there. The new plant — expected to be in operation by 2022 — should add 1,000 plant jobs to the area economy in addition to any of the positions created by its construction.

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12. Incentive Technology Group

When announced: April 2019
Jobs created: 1,000

Arlington, Virginia, is expecting another 1,000 new jobs to come as a result of Incentive Technology Group investing over $5 million into a 50,000-square-foot headquarters in the city. The company is expecting to fill 128 positions this year, with the remainder getting added over the next three years, according to an announcement from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Find out why Virginia had one of the strongest economies in 2018.


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11. General Motors

When announced: February and March 2019
Jobs created: 1,700

On balance, GM is shedding workers in an effort to streamline its businesses, announcing in November plans to halt production at five North American plants and cut its workforce by 14,000 back in November. However, part of the restructuring that’s costing many workers their jobs is also creating new ones elsewhere.

The company announced plans in March to invest a total of $1.8 billion dollars into their U.S. manufacturing operations, that will add a total of 700 jobs. About $300 million of that will support its Orion Assembly Plant in Michigan — where the Chevy Bolt is manufactured — creating 400 jobs in the process. And that announcement came on the heels of a February reveal of plans to add 1,000 workers at its plant in Flint, where the company builds heavy-duty trucks.

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10. Intel

When announced: February 2019
Jobs created: 1,750

Tech firm Intel is planning on expanding its presence in Oregon. It submitted permitting documents earlier this year to grow its Hillsboro factory in the state. The current Oregon workforce of 22,000 employees will expand by about 9% with the 1,750 new jobs added. The new plant is expected to become a part of a facility dubbed D1X, along with the two existing factories already there.

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9. Lockheed Martin

When announced: January 2017
Jobs created: 2,200

While the initial hiring commitment came in January 2017, Lockheed Martin announced just a year later that it had fulfilled a promise to take on 1,800 new employees in support of its F-35 program. What’s more, the company has since revealed that it plans to add another 400 positions to its Fort Worth, Texas, facility in order to keep increasing production for the fighter jet.

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8. Deloitte

When announced: June 2018
Jobs created: 2,500

Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, announced plans last year to open a new 100,000-square-foot delivery center in Gilbert, Arizona, that should create 2,500 new jobs. The new jobs are expected to have an average salary of $95,000, with Deloitte saying it expects to draw applicants largely from Arizona universities. Note that the company is getting as much as $3 million back from the city of Gilbert in the form of job incentive payments. Homes are selling especially quickly in Gilbert.

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7. Infosys

When announced: April 2018
Jobs created: 3,000

Information technology outsourcer Infosys is ready to call Indianapolis home with a new 141-acre campus. The India-based company expects to kick off the $245 million project with a $35 million training center at the former site of the international terminal for the Indianapolis International Airport. The state and city are providing $101.8 million in incentives and subsidies to the company, but the project is expected to create 3,000 jobs when completed by 2023.

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6. Sprint

When announced: December 2016
Jobs created: 5,000

The CEO of Japanese company SoftBank Group — Masayoshi Son — made waves in late 2016 when he announced plans to invest $50 billion in the United States and create some 50,000 jobs in the process. And while the exact details surrounding how much money and how many jobs have come through at this point are hazy, one place where the numbers are more concrete is with Sprint, which SoftBank owns 80% of. Sprint is moving 5,000 jobs to the U.S., mainly by bringing home call centers.


5. Fiat-Chrysler

When announced: February 2019
Jobs created: 6,500

Fiat-Chrysler helped put some of the motor back in the Motor City when it announced plans to reopen an existing engine plant and convert another plant in the same area into an assembly plant for Jeep model SUVs — boosting its workforce by about 6,500 positions. The new plans come with an investment of $4.5 billion from the international car maker. The average annual wages for jobs is expected to be $58,000. The plant could open as soon as the end of 2020.

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4. Google

When announced: December 2018
Jobs created: 7,000

Amazon might not have ended up following through on its New York City plans, but Google’s plans for a new Big Apple campus appear to be heading forward as planned. The facility — dubbed Google Hudson Square — is expected to create 7,000 new jobs to fill the 1.7 million square feet of space. Nationwide, Google employs just shy of 100,000 people.

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3. Progressive

When announced: January 2019
Jobs created: 10,000

Progressive kicked off 2019 with a bang, announcing in a press release that it was going to be hiring 10,000 new employees over the coming year to keep pace with its rapid growth. The company’s revenues have climbed 50% in just the last three years, and the company appears ready to keep investing to grow even more. The 10,000 new positions include adding more than 1,000 jobs each to locations in Austin, Texas; Cleveland; Colorado Springs, Colorado and Tampa, Florida.

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2. Amazon

When announced: May-June 2018
Jobs created: 11,000

While Amazon’s nixed plans to build one of its HQ2 facilities in New York received a lot of news last year, there were plenty of planned expansions from the massive e-retailer that were met with significantly more local support. That included plans to build an 855,000-square-foot facility near Birmingham, Alabama, that should create 1,500 full-time jobs, a new operations hub in Nashville creating 5,000 new positions with an average annual salary of $150,000, an expansion of its Boston tech hub that will add 2,000 new technology jobs and a prototype distribution center in West Charlotte, North Carolina, that should bring 1,500 new jobs to the area.

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1. Apple

When announced: January 2018
Jobs created: 20,000

Apple is, once again, the most valuable company in the world, and it’s taking some of that money and funneling it back into the American company. Early last year, Apple announced that it had plans for $30 billion in capital expenditures over the next five years that should create 20,000 new jobs. That would increase Apple’s current workforce — 84,000 people in all 50 states — by almost a quarter.

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