Deadly Goodyear RV Tire Recall — Exchange Used Tires for $500 or Replace for Free

People approaching a Goodyear Tire and Service location in Madison Heights, Michigan.
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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has voluntarily agreed to recall a type of its recreational vehicle tires that haven’t been manufactured in 19 years after a request by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is, of yet, unclear what repercussions (if any) said recall will have on Goodyear’s business.

The more than 173,000 22.5″-diameter tires in question were in production from 1996 to 2003 and have been at the center of an investigation by the NHTSA since 2017 — after Goodyear was ordered to hand over records previously sealed by court order and settlement agreements.

Federal transport officials assert the tires have a tendency to separate from the body, which can increase the risk of an accident, reports The New York Times. MarketWatch claims 95 injuries or deaths have been attributed to crashes involving the subject tires.

According to the NHTSA Safety Recall Report, the recall stems from a defect and that the tires in question “installed on motorhomes experienced tread separations and other failures when exposed to conditions present in that market segment, including overloading and underinflation.”

The report states that the number of 275/70R22.5 G159 type tires still being used is unknown and that production of that type of tire stopped in Jan. 2003. No other G159 tires are affected by this recall notice.

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The NHTSA sent Goodyear a letter requesting a recall of the tires on Feb. 22, 2022. Goodyear originally rejected the recall request on March 8, but eventually relented after being pressured by the government safety agency and agreed to the recall “to address concerns that some of these tires may still be in the marketplace or in use,” according to The Associated Press.

Goodyear denies the defect claims, stating “there is no safety defect in the G159 275/70R22.5 tire” on its website and, in a press statement, the corporation says: “This tire hasn’t been made since 2003, it consistently met Goodyear’s demanding safety standards, and we have not received an injury claim related to the tire’s use on a Class A motorhome in more than 14 years,” per MarketWatch.

Anyone that has a recalled tire on their vehicle can exchange it for a new 275/70R22.5 G670 tire free of charge. Goodyear will cover the cost of replacing and installing the new G670 tire and will compensate drivers for professionally weighing their vehicles with $60 vouchers. If you own any subject tires that are not currently installed on a recreational vehicle, you can exchange them for $500 a tire, per the NHTSA recall notice.

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