14 Employers That Require Vaccines — Plus More with Perks for Workers Who Get Their Shots

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As vaccination rates ramp up and the economy reopens, companies throughout the country are pushing to get their workforces vaccinated and ready to go. Some businesses, such as Target and Amtrak, are offering incentives to their employees and even guests, with cash rewards and gift cards as a push to go and get vaccinated.

Others, including Delta and Saks Fifth Avenue, are outright mandating that new employees and some existing employees be vaccinated or face termination. Some are even rejecting new applicants if they answer during an interview that they are unwilling to receive the shot.

Here are the companies shaping the vaccination environment in the workplace moving forward.

Last updated: June 28, 2021


Delta Airlines will now require all of its new hires in the United States to be vaccinated before beginning their tenure with the airline. Reuters reports that Delta is not mandating current employees to get vaccinated, but CEO Ed Bastian did note that more than 60% of Delta’s employees are already vaccinated.

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Eleven Madison Park

Once awarded as the best restaurant in the world, the Michelin-starred New York mainstay has several jobs listed requiring COVID-19 vaccinations from dining room manager to maître d’. 

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One of the most popular Broadway productions today is now requiring vaccinations for its crew as it prepares for a fall reopening. Producer Jeffrey Seller said he will mandate that all of his show’s employees, including the cast and the backstage crew, be vaccinated, reports The New York Times.

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Houston Methodist Hospital Network

The Texas hospital network is requiring vaccines for both new and existing employees, barring an exemption. Those who fail to comply will be suspended without pay and then later terminated, the Wall Street Journal reports. The hospital believes vaccines are crucial for patient safety.

As of June 23, 153 employees either resigned during the two-week suspension period or were terminated, CBS News reported.

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Lastique International Corp

The raw plastics distributor and recycler based in Louisville, Kentucky, has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for those who are unwilling to be vaccinated. It requires the shot for all of its employees and for new hires. If an applicant is unwilling to participate, the interview ends and no offer is considered.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Legendary clothing retailer Saks Fifth Avenue is not only requiring people to return to the office, but return vaccinated. Masks will also be required in the office despite Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that state vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks.

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San Francisco Bay Area Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

An ad for a human-resources assistant at the club stated in bold lettering that the applicant “MUST provide proof of COVID vaccination.” If unable to provide vaccination proof, the candidate would need to contact the human resources team directly to show eligibility for exemption, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Sunrise Senior Living and Enlivant

The Virginia-based senior living home announced that its employees have until July 31 to get fully vaccinated. The policy applies across all of its 270 senior living properties.

Another provider, Enlivant gave its employees less time, mandating all employees be vaccinated by June 1. As of March 3, approximately 80% of its staff members and residents had already been vaccinated.

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Morgan Stanley

Beginning in July, Morgan Stanley is requiring that all staffers, workers, clients and visitors be vaccinated to enter the investment bank’s offices in New York City and Westchester County, New York, CBS News reported. Those who are not vaccinated will continue to work remotely, though CEO James Gorman said at a recent conference that he expects nearly all of the bank’s employees to be back at its headquarters by Labor Day.

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Like Morgan Stanley, BlackRock is not technically requiring all employees to be vaccinated, but the company has stated those who wish to return to the office must be vaccinated, Bloomberg reported.

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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways announced on June 24 that all Hong Kong-based pilots and flight attendants would need to be vaccinated by Aug. 31 or risk losing their jobs, Reuters reported.

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United announced in early June that it would require new hires from outside of the company to attest that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, CNBC reported. And on June 22, United announced that it would mandate the vaccine for crew members flying to countries with high COVID-19 cases — including India, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina — at the beginning of August, Reuters reported.

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Alliance Airlines

Alliance Airlines — which operates passenger flights for Qantas and Virgin Australia — stated in May that it would be requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all of its employees, Simple Flying reported.

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Discount grocer Aldi is offering its hourly employees up to four hours of paid time to take both doses of the vaccine. Salaried workers will also get their hours adjusted in order to get vaccinated. In addition, Aldi also said it will cover any cost associated with the administration of the vaccine and is currently exploring possible on-site vaccinations to make it even easier for its workers to get jabbed.

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Online retail giant Amazon has set up on-site vaccination clinics and has long-been in the news for its push to get its employees vaccinated. Amazon will provide $80 to employees who show a vaccination card and $100 for every new hire that can prove they’ve been vaccinated.

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It was announced back in February that Amtrak was spending $3 million on cash bonuses for employees who got vaccinated. Workers who provide proof of vaccination will also earn a bonus of two hours pay.

Amtrak is also offering employees the opportunity to receive the shot during work and will give paid time off, up to two full days, for those who have side effects from the vaccine.

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American Airlines

American Airlines is offering $50 cash and an extra paid day off to employees who get vaccinated. They also pointed out that Johnson & Johnson vaccine shots were available for employees at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

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Bolthouse Farms

One of the more generous offerings, CEO Jeff Dunn is giving all of his 1,800 employees $500 bonuses for getting the vaccine. Since Feb. 26, Bolthouse has vaccinated more than 1,000 of its 1,800 employees after holding its first vaccination clinic. Starting in March, they have also held weekly vaccination clinics.

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Chobani has organized vaccine clinics at its plant in Tin Falls, Idaho since March. The yogurt giant is also giving six hours of paid time off — three per vaccine dose — to all of its employees.

COO Peter McGuiness said the policy was implemented because its factory employees are hourly and they did not want their workers to have to choose between getting vaccinated or taking time off.

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Darden restaurants, which brings us Olive Garden and Longhorn’s Steakhouses, is offering its hourly workers up to four hours of pay as incentive to get both vaccine doses, with two hours off for each shot.

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Dollar General

In a news release, Dollar General stated that although it did not have vaccination sites at its locations, it would work to remove barriers to vaccination like travel time, mileage and child care needs by providing hourly workers with a “one-time pay equivalent of four hours of regular pay after receiving a completed vaccination.”

They added that salaried workers would be provided with additional hours to receive their doses. They are also putting in place plans to help their distribution and transportation teams get vaccinated.

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The popular grocery delivery service is offering a $25 stipend to employees who provide proof of vaccination. This will apply to both in-store employees and independent contractors who have made at least five deliveries in a month.

This comes at an important time, as Instacart nearly doubled its employee base to about 500,000 in order to meet the surge in demand for grocery delivery through the pandemic.

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JBS USA and Pilgrim’s

The meat processing plant announced several months back that it would provide a $100 incentive bonus to any U.S. worker who voluntarily chose to receive a vaccination. The bonus is available to all of its 66,000 workers.

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The nation’s largest supermarket chain stated in a press release that all workers will receive a one-time payment of $100 after they receive the full dosage amount and present proof to human resources.

In addition, the company will make a $50 million investment to thank and reward associates including a $100 store credit and 1,000 fuel points for hourly front-line grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmacy and call center employees.

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Lidl is offering a $200 stipend to any employee who receives the vaccination. The company said that the additional payment will be used to offset costs incurred by employees associated with vaccine administration like travel costs and child care. The grocer also said it would accommodate employee schedules for vaccine appointments.

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Employees at both corporate offices and restaurant locations will receive four hours of paid time off to get vaccinated.

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The grocery retailer is offering a $125 Publix gift card after receiving a full immunization. In order to receive the gift card, employees must be currently employed, submit an internal form and proof of vaccination.

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Starbucks is offering four hours paid time off for employees to go get vaccinated. That comes out to two hours per dose.

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Target is offering four hours of pay — two hours for each dose — to its hourly employees and also plans to provide all U.S. employees with free Lyft rides, up to$15 each way, to get to and from their appointments, should they need it.

It was also recently announced that the company is offering both employees and guests a $5 Target coupon when they receive a vaccination at a CVS or Target location.

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Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is giving employees two hours of pay for each dose they receive, for a total of four hours for the complete two doses, Eater reported. The supermarket chain will also allow flexible scheduling so workers have time to get vaccinated.

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