45 of Your Favorite Companies Are Reopening Soon

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The transition from brick-and-mortar stores to online retail began long before the coronavirus. But for people who love to do their shopping the good old fashioned way, a global pandemic certainly didn’t help.

Lockdown in the U.S. hasn’t been universal; some states, like Arkansas, never enforced stay-at-home orders at all, while residents of the Bay Area have been indoors since mid-March. However, by and large, most American shopping centers look more like a scene out of Ghost Hunters, and officials have been scrambling to create reopening plans that keep people both safe and satisfied.

To find out which businesses could be ripe for reopening, GOBankingRates used Los Angeles County’s five-stage plan as an example of how reopenings might proceed in cities nationwide. Phase 2 of the L.A. plan allows “low-risk” businesses such as clothing stores, bookstores and car dealerships to open for business, while San Francisco’s Phase 2 specifies even more business types, including home and beauty stores. Consumers should keep in mind that many of these stores will only be open for curbside service.

But even if it’s just a trip to the curb of your local GameStop, these reopenings could be what’s staving off the retail apocalypse — aka the end of your favorite stores as you know them.

Last updated: May 19, 2020

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Clothing Stores

Fashion has largely been put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, with sweatpants and wine-stained shirts becoming the new normal for many Americans. However, thanks to certain counties’ economy reopening plans, you can finally expand your Zoom meeting wardrobe and stop cycling through the same two dress shirts.

Take a look at the apparel stores that will be opening up to foot traffic soon.

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  • Number of states: 48
  • Number of locations: 675

Parent company The Gap Inc. said that it plans to reopen up to 800 of its stores by the end of May.

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Old Navy

  • Number of states: 48
  • Number of locations: 1,207

Parent company The Gap Inc. said that it plans to reopen up to 800 of its stores — including Old Navy — by the end of May.

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  • Number of states: 39
  • Number of locations: 1,548

Ross locations in Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah have already reopened.

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TJ Maxx

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 1,276

TJ Maxx announced on May 9 that it plans to reopen its stores “as various states and countries reopen businesses.” Currently, there are locations confirmed open in Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Florida, according to the company’s online store locator.

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  • Number of states: 45
  • Number of locations: 727

Burlington announced earlier in the month that it would begin its first wave of store reopenings the week of May 11. As of May 18, there are locations confirmed open in Texas, Indiana, Ohio and Arizona.

Venturelli Luca / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 48
  • Number of locations: 593

H&M announced recently that it is beginning to reopen some of its store, but asked that customers check the company’s store locator to confirm if your local store is open. There are currently stores confirmed open in Montana, per the H&M store locator.

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  • Number of states: 13
  • Number of locations: 56

Uniqlo said on May 8 that it will reopen select U.S. locations in accordance with “local guidelines in each state.”

Helen89 / Shutterstock.com

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Number of states: 37
  • Number of locations: 256

Abercrombie & Fitch has begun to reopen select stores worldwide “on a rolling basis” and will keep doing so in the coming weeks.

MDOGAN / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 45
  • Number of locations: 391

Hollister will follow its parent company — Abercrombie & Fitch — and reopen select stores gradually over the upcoming weeks.

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  • Number of states: 47
  • Number of locations: 828

Only select Justice stores are open, according to the company’s website. Contactless curbside pickup is available at certain stores. Justice encourages shoppers to check their local store’s status by visiting the company’s locator page.

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American Eagle Outfitters

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 950

American Eagle Outfitters opened 43 stores in 10 states earlier this month and plans to open approximately 600 more locations by the end of May.

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  • Number of states: 40
  • Number of locations: 117

Nordstrom currently has open locations in Texas. Nordstrom Rack locations are open in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The company said it is taking a “phased approach” to reopening, and it will abide by state and local government regulations.

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  • Number of states: 43
  • Number of locations: 378

Express will also take a phased approach, with plans to reopen approximately 300 stores before Memorial Day. A select number of stores opened in Georgia and South Carolina earlier this month.

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  • Number of states: 40
  • Number of locations: 239

The company announced that it is reopening “Nike owned and operated stores in select locations,” but has not provided any more details.

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The North Face

  • Number of states: 36
  • Number of locations: 113

The North Face announced a tentative reopening date of May 11, and owner VF Brands expects most of its stores to be open by mid-2020.

Sorbis / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 670

Vans, another name under the VF Brands umbrella, will follow its owner’s strategy when it comes to reopening. VF Brands said that it is “prepared to begin a phased reopening of its retail stores” but that these reopenings are “also subject to guidance from government entities and healthcare authorities to allow proper training and preparation of the retail environment.”

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There are few places on Earth more peaceful than a bookstore. But the coronavirus shutdowns have taken away the simple joy of bookstores and libraries and replaced them with the same five titles on your bedroom bookshelf. Maybe you finally caved and bought that Audible subscription — or even worse, an e-reader — but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a real book in your hands.

Here are a few bookstore chains whose doors will read “Open” in the coming days.

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Barnes & Noble

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 627

Barnes & Noble currently has 31 stores open across 10 states. The company told Publishers Weekly on May 13 that it planned to reopen another 20 stores “by the end of the week,” adding that approximately 500 stores remain open for curbside pickup.

Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 4


  • Number of states: 32
  • Number of locations: 260+

Books-A-Million CEO announced earlier in the month that a majority of the company’s stores are now open for in-store visits.

Vogtguy / Shutterstock.com

Half Price Books

  • Number of states: 18
  • Number of locations: 120+

Half Price Books locations are open for pickup and limited capacity in-store service across 13 states.

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Music Stores

Musicians can rejoice that music stores are included in the next phase of the reopening plan. After all, how can you really know that guitar on Amazon is the right one for you if you haven’t even played it?

Check out the music stores that you may have missed in these months of lockdown.

Stephen Cummings / Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 2

Guitar Center

  • Number of states: 46
  • Number of locations: Approx. 300

Guitar Center is reopening select stores in accordance with local guidelines. Check out the company’s locator page to see if your local store is open.

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Sam Ash Music

  • Number of states: 16
  • Number of locations: 45+

Sam Ash Music stores are open in 10 states, including Georgia, Florida and Texas.

QualityHD / Shutterstock.com

Sporting Goods Stores

The versatility of sporting goods stores is what makes them so great. Whether you’re a golfer, runner or simply like to go camping, you’ll find the equipment you need at these stores. COVID-19 has ushered in an unprecedented time in the world of sports, and while there hasn’t been a need for new football cleats or soccer shorts, the hope is that we’ll return to that soon in the coming phases of reopening.

Check out the sporting goods stores that may be rebounding.

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Big 5 Sporting Goods

  • Number of states: 11
  • Number of locations: Approx. 430

Most Big 5 stores are now open or offering curbside pickup.

Harry Thomas Flower / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 45
  • Number of locations: Approx. 200

Cabela’s will open in accordance with local ordinances. The company is also offering free pickup and delivery options for its customers.

QualityHD / Shutterstock.com

Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Number of states: 47
  • Number of locations: Approx. 720

Dick’s has reopened stores in 38 states, and all but select locations in California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are offering contactless pickup.

Little Mountain 5 / Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 3

Scheels All Sports

  • Number of states: 12
  • Number of locations: 27

With the exception of its location in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, every Scheels All Sports store is open for business.

TY Lim / Shutterstock.com

Toy Stores

If you’ve spent the past two months juggling a kid or two with your work schedule, you’ll be grateful to see the return of toy stores. A trip to one of these may be the bribe your kid needs to play quietly in their room for an hour. Or maybe you’ll rediscover your long-lost love for Legos down aisle seven.

Here are the toy stores you can expect to see soon.

Sergiy Palamarchuk / Shutterstock.com

Disney Stores

  • Number of states: 36
  • Number of locations: 200+

Most standalone stores remain closed, however, Disney Springs in Orlando will reopen May 20 with distancing measures in place.

Mino Surkala / Shutterstock.com

Lego Stores

  • Number of states: 34
  • Number of locations: Approx. 90

Lego has said that select stores in Georgia and Texas have reopened, while other stores in Arizona and Wisconsin are offering curbside pickup service on certain days of the week.

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Car Dealerships

Online shopping may be the future, but for many people, Carvana just doesn’t cut it. A car purchase is sacred — an age-old agreement between the dealer and the buyer — and how can that possibly be completed without even a test drive?

Take a look at the dealerships that could be opening their doors soon.

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  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: Approx. 1,500

Toyota began resuming North American manufacturing operations last week in compliance with federal health and safety guidelines.

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  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 383

Mercedes-Benz has resumed production in its U.S.-based plants, and any ongoing closures at individual dealerships appear to be at the discretion of the dealers.

LCV / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 3,000

Ford’s U.S. operations, including manufacturing, resumed May 18 in the first phase of its reopening plan.

Eric Broder Van Dyke / Shutterstock.com

Hobby and Game Stores

Nintendo lovers may have noticed that the Switch has been hard to come by during quarantine. In fact, the beloved console has been selling out faster than retailers can stock them; and some are being resold at two or three times the original price.

Given that the Switch has been available since March 2017, it can be deduced that consumers have found themselves in desperate need of a new hobby, and video games are filling that hole for many people.

Here are a few of the hobby/game stores that may be opening for business.

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Best Buy

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 1,031

According to Forbes, 200 Best Buy locations were allowing in-store consultation as of May 1. In-home services have also restarted in some states.

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  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 5,500 worldwide

Locations in South Carolina and Georgia have reopened, and the company is preparing for the potential to reopen in other states in the coming weeks.

stock_photo_world / Shutterstock.com

Hobby Lobby

  • Number of states: 46
  • Number of locations: 900

After defying initial COVID-19 stay-at-home orders — before facing backlash and closing all of its stores — local news outlets have reported that Hobby Lobby stores are opening again.

Helen89 / Shutterstock.com

Home Furnishings and Home Goods Stores

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. During the coronavirus pandemic, this saying could be expanded to home is where everything is. Who knew that the office, restaurant and movie theater could all fit into your kitchen and living room?

While there’s little you can do about the virus, you can make home a place you’re comfortable spending some hard time in.

Check out these home goods chains — and start saving up for that new couch.

Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

Ashley HomeStore

  • Number of states: 49
  • Number of locations: 681

Ashley HomeStore is reopening its stores and said that it is “vigilantly monitoring” recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

X Team / Flickr.com

At Home

  • Number of states: 39
  • Number of locations: 218

At Home is gradually reopening stores, and approximately half of its locations have been open since May 1.

Sundry Photography / Shutterstock.com

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: 1,025

Bed Bath & Beyond’s parent company said it plans to reopen approximately 20 of its retail banner stores, including its Bed Bath & Beyond and Christmas Tree Shops stores, by May 22.

Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 31
  • Number of locations: 353

La-Z-Boy is in the process of reopening stores but has not specified how many locations are currently open.

melissamn / Shutterstock.com

Pottery Barn

  • Number of states: 41
  • Number of locations: 196

Williams-Sonoma Inc., parent company to Pottery Barn, will reopen stores on a “market-by-market basis consistent with local and state government guidelines.” The company, however, is extending temporary closures to May 31 in certain markets.

Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 42
  • Number of locations: 230

Williams-Sonoma Inc. has not disclosed how many stores have reopened for business, but the company is reopening its stores and will adhere to local and state government regulations.

EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Cosmetics and Beauty Supply Stores

Ah, stores are reopening! What better way to celebrate than with a new Jeffree Star palette? And surely Ulta Beauty shoppers are more than ready for a haircut — especially after the self-trim didn’t go quite as planned.

Expect to see these beauty stores back for business.

Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.com

Ulta Beauty

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: Approx. 1,300

As of May 11, approximately 180 Ulta Beauty stores are open for business.

Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Sally Beauty Supply

  • Number of states: 50
  • Number of locations: Approx. 3,000

U.S. and Canadian stores have begun a phased reopening in certain areas. The company stated that it is following local health and government mandates.

ZikG / Shutterstock.com

Art Supplies Stores

Whether you’ve just realized your incredible talent for painting, or you’re an old pro, a trip to the arts and crafts store could be the inspiration you need for your next big project.

Keep an eye out for these stores in the coming days.

Sundry Photography / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 49
  • Number of locations: 1,250

Michaels has reopened stores with limited hours and/or a curbside pickup program.

Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

Blick Art Materials

  • Number of states: 23
  • Number of locations: 54

Select Blick stores are now open for curbside pickup only.

Helen89 / Shutterstock.com

Sewing, Needlework and Piece Goods Stores

This may seem like a niche demand, and maybe it is. But for people who enjoy sewing, needlework and crafts in general, the return of these stores is long-awaited. You can’t always find the right fabric from a picture online — and you definitely won’t make it on Project Runway without the right fabric.

Here is a crafts store that could be opening its doors soon.

Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 49
  • Number of locations: 865

With some stores operating at reduced hours, Jo-Ann stated that it will continue to rely on the guidance of public health agencies, such as the CDC and local and state governments. It encourages shoppers to visit its website for up-to-date information on closures and hours.

Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

Other “Low-Risk” Retailers

While a number of “low-risk” retailers not found on this list have reopened their doors, such as local florists and record shops, one noteworthy consumer electronics store has also decided to resume business worldwide.

View Apart / Shutterstock.com


  • Number of states: 44
  • Number of locations: 278

Apple announced on May 17 that 100 store locations have already reopened around the globe. The company stated that it is monitoring local cases, trends and guidelines from health officials and will consider this data before reopening a store.

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