New ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoffs Could Net Billions for HBO

Courtesy of HBO / HBO

In 2019, the year before everyone was stuck in their homes streaming Netflix, Hulu or Disney+, millions were glued to their TVs watching Game of Thrones. It ranked as HBO’s most-watched show, and the most watched scripted show on television, in 2019. For a show that is on a premium channel when so many people are cutting the cord on cable, this was a feat befitting the epic storylines and cast of characters.

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One writer at Decider estimated that HBO generated or would generate $2.28 billion from Game of Thrones. That amount includes subscription revenue, merchandise, DVDs, Blu-rays and rights for the show to air in international markets.

And now HBO is poised to do it again. The network revealed plans to produce three spin-offs based on George R.R. Martin’s captivatingly complex fantasy world, according to The Hollywood Reporter. These shows are in addition to the House of Dragon series, a prequel to GoT; an animated GoT series that has not yet been given the green light; and a series based on Martin’s Dunk and Egg novellas, Deadline reports.

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9 Voyages

Produced by Rome creator Bruno Heller, this series follows The Sea Snake, Lord Corlys Velaryon, who will also appear in the aforementioned House of Dragon series when it airs, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

10,000 Ships

Warrior queen Princess Nymeria takes center stage 1,000 years before the events in GoT, according to Deadline. The project hasn’t gotten the greenlight yet, but diehard fans who want to know everything about GoT’s history and evolution may gravitate toward a prequel — especially since the character was introduced in a subplot of GoT but not explored fully.

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Battles in Flea Bottom

Finally, an untitled project seeks to explore the happenings in Flea Bottom, which Deadline calls the poorest slum in King’s Landing. If it makes it to the screen, this series could captivate viewers as a glimpse into the lives of the “commoners” of GoT.

How Much Will They Earn?

While it’s highly unlikely the network will strike gold with all six series, or even that all six will make it to production, if each one nets only one-fifth of the quarter-billion dollars GoT was estimated to have earned, that’s still well over a billion dollars coming in from the franchise. Of course, that’s not counting residuals from GoT merchandise, international rights and new HBO subscriptions from people who missed GoT the first time and are now looking to catch up in preparation for the new shows.

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