Samsung Galaxy S22 Includes New Digital Wallet To Store Crypto and More

New Galaxy S22 lineup unveiled, Korea - 10 Feb 2022


Samsung is launching its new Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone on Feb. 25. The device will have digital wallet capabilities to store identification documents like your license or state ID, student ID and passport, plus digital house and car keys and digital debit and credit cards, according to a press release issued by Samsung following the brand’s Unpacked 2022 event.

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Crypto News reported that the new Samsung Wallet feature will also enable users to store and access boarding passes for air travel and “access tickets,” which could include event tickets.

The digital wallet will also provide “asset management,” allowing users to simplify routines tasks involving wallet assets, such as showing ID or compiling travel documents before a flight, according to the release.

News outlets including ZDNet reported that the Samsung Wallet will also be able to store and protect cryptocurrency. The new Samsung Wallet is the counterpart to the Apple Wallet, which does not currently allow users to store vaccination records or cryptocurrency, ZDNet reported.  

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Currently, Samsung Galaxy users can store digital keys and some documents and make secure payments through Samsung Pay. The company did not specify if Samsung Wallet would replace Samsung Pay or work in conjunction with it to handle secure transactions. It’s also not known if the wallet will be compatible with previous Galaxy models.

The security technology that powers the Samsung Wallet and makes it possible to store crypto is called Knox Vault, and it uses a secure processor and memory that completely isolates sensitive data like your passwords, biometrics or blockchain keys from the phone’s main operating system, according to the Samsung press release. The release noted that the new Galaxy S22 series “also introduces several new security features, including the ARM micro architecture, which helps prevent cyberattacks that target your operating system and memory.”

These new advances represent Samsung’s latest leap into blockchain. In early January, the brand announced the opening of a virtual flagship store in the Decentraland neighborhood of the metaverse.

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