5 Tech Companies With the Best Employee Benefits

These big-name tech companies offer more than paid time off.

For people familiar with the more traditional approach to running an office, stories of the lax atmosphere in the headquarters dotting the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley can prompt outrage. For someone who spent a career wearing a suit and tie, showing up early and leaving late, news that some of the most successful tech companies in the world are rethinking the very nature of the 40-hour work week to offer amazing employee benefits is especially frustrating.

It’s not by accident, though.

Major Silicon Valley firms are competing fiercely for top talent. In order to keep stocking their companies with the cream of the crop, they have to offer perks and bonuses that will make working for them the best possible experience. That means everything from free food to a flexible work schedule to napping on the job. But it’s not just about recruiting the next generation of coding prodigies. Tech companies have been demonstrating that a lot of the conventional wisdom about getting the most out of your workers has been deeply flawed. Happier workers given more freedom are proving to be more productive, have lower healthcare costs and are less likely to jump ship for another job.

Take a look at the five best tech companies to work for this year, according to rankings from Glassdoor.

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5 Tech Companies With the Best Employee Benefits
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