What Companies Will Shape the Future?

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Spotify shook the market recently with a ground-breaking IPO that saw the company valued at just shy of $30 billion after its first day of trading. For veteran market watchers, it was hardly a surprise: Spotify had been one of the leading names among the highly-valued private companies for some time. Based on the current startup landscape, Spotify isn’t the only name that could be poised for a major IPO.

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Approximate Valuation: $54 billion

Uber sold about 14 percent of the company to SoftBank last year, with $8 billion sold at a discounted valuation of $48 billion and another $1.25 billion sold at a $70 billion valuation, in line with its latest round of funding. If that $70 billion valuation is to be believed, it would mean Uber is already more valuable than 21st Century Fox, Sony and Honda.

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Approximate Valuation: $31 billion

The popularity of Airbnb has prompted various cities to change their laws to try and prevent people from driving up the rent by catering to short-term rentals rather than long-term residents. Still, the company cleared a valuation of $30 billion in its last funding round, which would put it ahead of Ross Stores, Tyson Foods and General Mills.

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Approximate Valuation: $21 billion

Elon Musk might already be a stock market darling because of Tesla, but his other baby is among the top private companies out there as well. With a valuation north of $20 billion, SpaceX has already matched or surpassed companies like Sprint, Best Buy and Twitter.

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Approximate Valuation: $20 billion

WeWork provides workspaces and organizes communities for entrepreneurs and startups. Only eight years after being founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, the company already has a valuation of $20 billion.

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Palantir Technologies

Approximate Valuation: $20 billion

Peter Thiel’s big data analytics company is another member of the $20 billion-plus valuation club. Palantir had plans for an IPO as early as next year but the company has struggled to turn a profit, according to a SharesPost report from October 2017.

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Approximate Valuation: $12.3 billion

Everyone’s favorite site for generating decorating ideas has been pinned to many venture capitalists’ wish lists for years. The company hit 175 million active monthly users in 2017.

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Approximate Valuation: $11 billion

Lyft might be playing second fiddle to Uber as far as ride-sharing services go, but with all of Uber’s recent troubles, you can expect Lyft will have more to say on the matter. The company’s most recent funding round included a cash injection from Google parent Alphabet.



Approximate Valuation: $10 billion

Infor produces enterprise-level software that helps companies manage everything from customer relations to supply chains. Infor’s last funding round raised $2.5 billion, mostly from Koch Industries.

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Approximate Valuation: $9.2 billion

Stripe is an online payment management company that has gotten a lot of attention from those who watch private equity markets closely. However, stock market investors will just have to wait before they get a shot. Stripe CEO Patrick Collison has said there are no plans to go public any time soon.

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Vice Media

Approximate Valuation: $5.7 billion

Vice Media is a digital media and broadcasting company that produces content geared towards millennials. The company’s most recent funding round, which took place last year, raised $450 million and might be the final step before going public

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