Americans Plan to Spend More on Outdoor Spaces This Summer

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Last year, CivicScience reported that Americans were planning to spend more time and money on their outdoor spaces during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. As restrictions lift and people are feeling more comfortable with travel and outdoor activities this summer, many are planning to spend even more on outdoor spaces compared to last year.

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Among the 2,400 respondents with gardening space, 67% reported they are spending the same amount as last year. Those who said they are spending more outnumbered those who are spending less, according to CivicScience. Additionally, when 2,300 homeowners were asked about spending on landscaping, 66% anticipated spending the same amount and those spending more outnumber those spending less.

The data indicated that people who are comfortable with traveling right away were the least likely to be spending money on gardening this year — they won’t be home to enjoy it.

Married couples reported they expect to spend more on landscaping and gardening, while individuals who are divorced or separated won’t be. And if the household makes $100,000 or more they are planning to spend more on landscaping and gardening, while lower-income earners forsee spending less this year.

As to where consumers are doing their spending, pollee’s report a slightly more favorable view of Lowe’s landscaping products over Home Depot’s.

Overall, the CivicScience poll showed that based on the responses there’s no evidence that spending on outdoor projects will slow down, nor will it fall back to pre-pandemic levels.

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And Americans aren’t spending on outdoor spaces only this year, either.

The National Retail Federation released its revised annual forecast this week, anticipating retail sales to grow between 10.5% and 13.5% to more than $4.44 trillion this year as the economy recovers.

Households are healthier, and consumers are demonstrating their ability and willingness to spend,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

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