SNAP Schedule: Michigan Bridge Card Benefits Start Dispersing March 3

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits are administered in Michigan as the Food Assistance Program. SNAP is a federally funded program, but each state creates its own rules and regulations. In Michigan, the program is called the Food Assistance Program, and is intended for low-income and needy individuals and families to purchase fresh groceries and produce.

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FAP benefits cannot be used on everything, though. In Michigan, as in many other states, eligible items for purchase include fresh food and produce that is not alcoholic, tobacco or hot food prepared and intended to be eaten in-store. FAP benefit recipients can even use their benefit money to buy seeds and plants for use in gardens to produce food for their households.

FAP benefits are paid out through Electronic Benefit Transfer, or EBT, cards as they are in most states throughout the country. Michigan also refers to their EBT card as ” The Michigan Bridge Card.” Bridge Cards are loaded with benefits once a month depending on the last digit of the recipient’s ID number. Benefits are electronically loaded onto the Bridge Card, which then operates like any regular debit or credit card at participating vendors. Payments are sent out from the 3rd to the 21st of the month according to the schedule below:

If your:

ID # ends inBenefits available
0March 3
1March 5
2March 7
3March 9
4March 11
5March 13
6March 15
7March 17
8March 19
9March 21
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