Stimulus Update: Your State Could Be Sending a $1,000 Check – Do You Qualify?

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So far, the federal government has sent out trillions of dollars in coronavirus relief aid but several Americans are set to receive a payment up to $1,086 soon. States are following the federal government’s lead and many states are helping out residents by giving out bonus payments worth $500 to $2,000, reports.

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Here are what states are offering in relief aid to residents:


Jobless residents can receive payments between $1,000 and $2,000 for returning to work; however, the amount depends on whether you return full or part-time.


Roughly two-thirds of Californians are eligible for the state’s Golden State Stimulus program. Qualifying residents must make between $30,000 and $75,000 to receive payments. The program now offers aid to Social Security recipients who work part-time.

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The state is giving out $1,000 checks to those who return to work before Dec. 31.


Teachers and principals are receiving $1,000 for working throughout the pandemic.

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Similar to Florida, teachers and principals in Georgia are receiving $1,000 for working during the pandemic.


Half a million Idaho residents qualify for a one-time income tax rebate with the average check worth $248.


Maryland residents were given $300 and those with children received $500 after filing for earned income tax credit.


Teachers are receiving $500 for hazard pay.

New Mexico

Low-income households received $750 in payments and beginning Oct. 12, residents could complete an application if they weren’t eligible for the first round of checks.

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The state is receiving grant money worth $46 million.


The state is sending out a total of $13 million to student teachers.


Full-time public school workers are being paid $1,000 while part-time workers are receiving $500.

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For those willing to relocate after losing their job in the hospitality or construction industry, Vermont is offering to cover up to $7,500 in moving expenses.

Check your state’s requirements to see if you’re eligible for aid.

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