GO in the Know: Disney+ Price Hike, SNAP Scam Alert & Top Financial News for August 11

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Another day, another roundup of today’s top financial stories. Go ahead — learn a little.

The Big Lead: Disney+ and Hulu Will Be More Expensive This Fall

Inflation is also hitting streaming services, so get ready to pay more for your Disney+ subscription. Disney announced it would be increasing its pricing and introducing an ad-supported subscription offering that will be available across Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and the Disney Bundle.

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Tax Spotlight: Will Inflation Reduction Act Impact Who Is More Likely To Be Audited?

If the Inflation Reduction Act passes through the House and gets sent to President Biden to sign on Friday, many questions about the Act’s vaguely termed IRS Tax Enforcement provision will still remain unanswered.

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That’s Concerning: SNAP Benefit Scam

Connecticut’s Department of Social Services is warning SNAP and Cash EBT recipients to be cautious of skimming scams.

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Bonus: Back-To-School Tax Credits

Here are nine states that provide back-to-school tax credit relief for families, per EdChoice.

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