GO in the Know: New Car Prices Break Records, SNAP Adds Payment Provider & Top Financial News for August 16

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It’s National Tell a Joke Day, but unfortunately all the jokes I know are about pizza and I don’t think you’ll like them — they’re too cheesy. Anyway, here are today’s top financial stories.

The Big Lead: New Car Prices Break Records, Average Monthly Payment Hits $733

Buying a new car continued to get more expensive in July thanks to rising sticker prices and interest rates, with the estimated typical monthly payment hitting a new record high of $733.

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SNAP Spotlight: Major Food Stamps Change Means More Grocery Options

The addition of a new third-party payment provider to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) should be good news for grocers that want to accept digital payments for purchases — and great news for SNAP recipients who want more shopping choices.

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That’s Interesting: Current EV Tax Credits To End as Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, due to be signed into law on August 16, will have a major impact on electric vehicle tax credits — including a restructuring of credits worth up to $7,500.

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Bonus: 5 Ways To Get Your Old Job Back if You Regret Your ‘Great Resignation’

For anyone wanting their old gig back, all hope is not lost.

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