GO in the Know: Bear Market Basics, Biden Backlash & Top Financial News for June 15

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The daily news can be a real bear, but it’s still wise to stay in the know of the top financial stories out there. We’re here to help.

The Big Lead: How Long Do Bear Markets Normally Last?

With U.S. stocks now officially in bear market territory following an ongoing slump in the S&P 500, many investors might be wondering how long the current bear market will last.

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Business Spotlight: Musk Takes Shot at Tesla Rivals

Tesla CEO Elon Musk threw some shade at Rivian and Lucid Motors, telling Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley that the rival electric vehicle (EV) companies will go bankrupt “unless something changes significantly.”

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Well That’s Interesting: Why Did Biden Cancel Alaska’s Cook Inlet Oil & Gas Lease?

The Biden administration has come under scrutiny for canceling three oil and gas lease sales — including one off the coast of Alaska — that otherwise might have led to additional drilling during a time when gas prices have hit historical highs.

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Bonus: Experts Answer ‘What Is Crypto?’ and More Top Googled Questions

Cyptocurrency has become omnipresent in the global mainstream consciousness thanks to its rapid and widespread adoption. But new data has indicated a lot of people are still unfamiliar with crypto — yet willing to learn.

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