GO in the Know: Major Pain at the Pump, Target Tanks & Top Financial News for May 18

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Believe it or not, today is the most popular workday of the week (more on that later). However, we are still doing the same thing we do every workday — bringing you the top financial stories you need to know.

The Big Lead: Gas Prices Above $4 in Every State

If you plan to road trip around the U.S. this summer, be prepared to pay $4 a gallon for gas no matter where you stop. For the first time ever, the average price of gasoline is $4 or higher in all 50 states — and it’s above $6 in California.

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Business Spotlight: Target

Stock for big-box retailer Target Corporation has plummeted more than 25%. Analysts attribute the drop to a quarterly earnings report that reflected the retailer’s challenges concerning supply chain issues, high fuel costs and general inflation.

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Well That’s Interesting: Wednesdays Rule

Prior to the pandemic, about the only thing Wednesday was notable for is the ridiculous way it’s spelled — along with that whole “Hump Day” moniker. But lately, Wednesday has become the coolest, freshest day of the workweek.

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Bonus: Retirement Planning

According to Fidelity’s annual “Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate,” Americans will need nearly eight times more money in retirement for medical care than they realize — an alarming gap between expectation and reality.

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