GO in the Know: SNAP’s Not Enough, Musk Gets Funding & Top Financial News for May 5

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Hello, friends. Before you wrap up and head out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, take a little time to catch up on the top financial stories of the day.

The Big Lead: Hunger in America

For the first time in over 50 years, the White House is hosting a food insecurity conference this September. The Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health will aim to address the rate of diabetes, obesity and hypertension among Americans, and expedite efforts to end hunger, improve nutrition and physical activity, and reduce diet-related disease by 2030.

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Business Spotlight: Starbucks

Starbucks announced it will raise its employees’ wages and invest $1 billion this fiscal year to increase pay, modernize training and collaboration, and innovate stores. However, these raises won’t apply to unionized workers.

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Well That’s Interesting: Musk Secures $7 Billion in Funding for Twitter

Elon Musk revealed in an SEC filing that he has secured $7.14 billion in funding for his $44 billion Twitter acquisition from a group of investors including Larry Ellison, Sequoia Capital, Binance, Qatar Holdings and many others.

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Bonus: Best and Worst Things To Buy Generic at Costco

If you’re a Costco fan, you know the warehouse is packed with all kinds of enticing goodies and household staples at often amazing prices — and that also applies to items under the retailer’s generic brand, Kirkland Signature.

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