Stock Tips, Thrifty Thanksgiving Guide & Top Financial News for Nov. 16

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Yes, it’s National Fast Food Day, but that doesn’t mean you need to go so fast that you miss out on today’s top financial stories. They are right here for the reading.

The Big Lead: These 5 Stocks Are Worth Your Money Following Midterm Elections

Here are five stocks that are being touted as potential post-midterm winners by industry players. Read the full story here

Business Spotlight: Why Are So Many Companies Doing Layoffs Before the Holidays?

More than 24,000 tech workers across 72 companies have been laid off this month, NPR reported, totaling 120,000 tech jobs lost this year. Just last week, Meta laid off 13% of staff, or about 11,000 workers. Read the full story here

That’s Fun: You Can Get Paid $2,500 for Watching 25 Holiday Movies This Season

If you love Will Ferrell in “Elf” or think “Home Alone” is a classic, if you can recite the lines to “It’s A Wonderful Life” or sing along with “White Christmas,” the perfect job is waiting for you. Read the full story here

Bonus: Guide to a Thrifty Thanksgiving To Beat Inflation

Remember: the holiday is about enjoying friends and family, and sitting around the dinner table just adds to the festivities. You can throw a fabulous Thanksgiving feast without stretching yourself, or your budget, too thin. Read the full story here

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