Social Security Tax Tips, Christmas Decor and Your Home’s Resale Value & Top Financial News for Nov. 18

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Happy Friday and National Apple Cider Day! Whether you enjoy cider chilled or piping hot, pour a glass of this fall-friendly drink and enjoy it while reviewing today’s top financial stories.

The Big Lead: 5 Ways To Bypass or Lower Social Security Taxes

Social Security income might seem like your just reward for a lifetime of contributing to the program through payroll taxes, but that doesn’t mean Uncle Sam won’t get his cut once you retire and start collecting benefits. If you want to lower or eliminate federal taxes on your Social Security income, there are a few ways to do so. Read the full story here

Student Debt Spotlight: 11 Companies You May Not Know Will Help Pay Off Your Student Loan

Find out which 11 companies already help employees pay down student debt, based on 2022 reports from Real Simple, Money Crashers and Best Colleges. Read the full story here

That’s Interesting: Can Christmas Décor Really Affect Your Home’s Resale Potential?

If you’re trying to sell your house this holiday season, experts are shedding light on a tip that some homeowners may not know about — plugging in all those Christmas decorations may actually decrease your home’s resale value. Read the full story here

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Bonus: 6 Best Ways To Start Financially Preparing for 2023 — Even Over the Holidays

From checking your emergency fund status to getting ready now for a positive tax return, here are some of the best ways to start financially preparing for 2023, even during the holiday season. Read the full story here

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