Claiming Social Security Early Could Cost You $182K, TikTok’s Hiring & Top Financial News for Nov. 22, 2022

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The Big Lead: Claiming Social Security Early Could Cost You $182,000

Good things come to those who wait — including Social Security. According to a new study, if you wait until age 70 to start collecting benefits, you’ll end up receiving nearly $200,000 more than you would if you start claiming at the first eligible age of 62. Read the full story here

Social Security Spotlight: 5 Things You May Not Know You Can Do Online

The Social Security Administration wants to spread the word that you can handle a number of tasks on its website to avoid having to call the agency or visit it in person, where you are likely to run into long waits and a mountain of frustration. Read the full story here

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That’s Interesting: TikTok Will Hire Nearly 1,000 Silicon Valley Workers While Meta, Twitter and Others Announce Layoffs

The layoffs and hiring freezes that have swept through the tech world in recent weeks haven’t extended to every company. One of them, TikTok, is actually looking to hire hundreds of new people at its Silicon Valley office. Read the full story here

Bonus: 7 Best Retailers To Shop on Cyber Monday (That Aren’t Amazon)

Online retail giant Amazon will certainly have some great deals on Cyber Monday, but there are plenty of other retailers that will be offering steep discounts during the shopping holiday. Read the full story here

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