GO in the Know: Middle-Income Americans Struggling More, Senior Discounts & Top Financial News for Sept. 12

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Today is the National Day of Encouragement, so I am here to encourage you to catch up on the top financial stories out there.

The Big Lead: More Middle-Income Americans Are Struggling Because of Inflation Than a Year Ago

Historically high consumer prices are having an increasingly negative impact on the finances of Americans, with the majority saying inflation is causing financial hardship — and a rising percentage of middle-income earners feeling the pinch, according to a new Gallup poll. Read the full story here

Retirement Spotlight: These Establishments Offer Senior Discounts for Those 50 and Older

If you are around the half-century mark and want to scout out discounts, here’s a look at some of the establishments that offer discounts to those 50 and older. Read the full story here

That’s Interesting: Why Cost Savings of ‘Barndominiums’ Is Making Them More Popular

Rustic living is getting a whole new meaning now that “barndominiums” are trending. If it sounds like something straight out of the Magnolia Network, it kind of is: People are buying barns and rehabbing them into living spaces. Read the full story here

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Bonus: 8 Unusual Things To Rent Out for Quick Cash

Apartment and house rentals are the first ideas that may come to mind, but there are other things you can rent that seem less evident but can turn out to be great side hustles. Read the full story here

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