10 Best Things To Sell on eBay for Extra Money

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It’s no secret that people can make a nice amount of cash by reselling products online. Founded in 1995, eBay has come a long way and is now a key destination and online store for people looking to buy and sell.

Best Things To Sell on eBay

When thinking of the top-selling items on eBay, you may come up with some obvious contenders, such as collectible toys, action figures, jewelry, watches, musical instruments, beauty products or tech from popular brands like Apple and Google. This stuff does indeed sell well on eBay, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

 A lot of unexpected and even weird stuff can fetch you a sweet profit. Here are 10 things you can sell on eBay to make some extra money:

  1. Used cell phones
  2. Fashion watches
  3. Vintage clothing
  4. Vintage electronics
  5. VCRs
  6. Retro video games
  7. Homemade crafts
  8. Sustainably sourced goods
  9. Old luggage
  10. Voice recorders or tape recorders

1. Used Cell Phones

Mobile phones are a hot commodity and a potentially profitable product on eBay. If you have recently upgraded your phone and want to turn a profit on the old one you are no longer using, resell it on eBay. It not only benefits the environment when you repurpose items as opposed to disposing of them or letting them collect dust in your closet but also used cell phones have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on eBay so mark it as a win-win.

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2. Fashion Watches

“Especially if they are in good condition, you would be surprised how much money you can get for fashion watches (like those designed by) Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach,” said Oliver Douglas of Almost on Time, who has been selling on eBay for 12 years. “People love a bargain; so, if they can get a watch with some small scratches on the caseback for $45 to $50, this is a lot better than buying the watch new for $249.” 

3. Vintage Clothing

Forget thrift stores and head to eBay. “T-shirts, hoodies and jackets from the ’90s and earlier are all valuable,” said T.J. Carson, aka the Flip King, who owns Flip It Collectibles. “You see the young kids rocking Nirvana, Green Day and Metallica shirts every day. But the original single-stitch ’90s shirts are the most valuable. I recently sold a wrestling T-shirt for over $800.”

Vintage or Used Sneakers

“Sneakers are highly collectible; and, depending on what you have, one pair can fetch thousands of dollars,” Carson said. Even stinky sneakers still sell, he said; just be sure to disclose that fact in the item description. 

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Dress Shoes

“Many people think of eBay for reselling high-end sneakers, but regular shoes are also great profit makers,” said Gemma McBride, blogger at and owner of This Work From Home Life. “Things like black pumps for work or strappy sandals for nights out. For men, brogues and classic dress shoes also sell great right now. While high-end brands always sell great, mid-level names also sell well this year.” 

4. Vintage Electronics 

“It seems counterintuitive to invest in outdated tech, but a recent uptick in popular nostalgia (largely fueled by the millennial generation) has compelled shoppers to collect goods from the days of yore,” said Katie-Jay Simmons, eCommerce specialist at Fit Small Business.

“Old record players, cameras, video gaming consoles and audio equipment (including tape decks and radios) tend to be the most profitable picks. They fetch the highest prices when in working condition, but even non-working items have a place on collector’s shelves.

“Vintage tech with Japanese origin — such as brands like Sony, Fujifilm, Nintendo and Panasonic — is generally the most popular among eBay shoppers.”

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5. VCRs

“Yes, the historic media players that are pre-DVD, pre-Blu-Ray and pre-Netflix sell for good money on eBay,” Carson said. “Why? Because there are still people on this Earth that refuse to buy into Netflix and Hulu. And, if you have a good VHS collection, you need a way to watch it.”

6. Retro Video Games

“Just like fashion, retro video games are making a comeback,” said Oberon Copeland, owner and CEO of Veryinformed.com. “Thanks to platforms like Nintendo Switch Online, classic titles like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda are being discovered by a new generation of gamers.”

7. Homemade Crafts

“With the rise of social media, there has been a renewed interest in handmade goods,” Copeland said. “More people are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items, which means that homemade crafts are in high demand. Whether it’s jewelry, art or even food, if you’re crafty, there’s a good chance you can sell your wares on eBay.”

8. Sustainably Sourced Goods 

“As concerns about the environment grow, more people are looking for products that have been sustainably sourced,” Copeland said. “If you sell any kind of eco-friendly product, whether it’s clothing made from organic cotton or fair trade coffee, you could see a surge in demand in the coming year.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

9. Old Luggage

“Older luggage is typically of higher quality than many contemporary alternatives,” said David Gu, an entrepreneur based in New York City. “Though vintage luggage lacks wheels and the 28 additional zipper pockets that many people prefer, it was likely hand-stitched with natural materials. Due to this, they retain their value and are still desirable today.”

10. Voice Recorders or Tape Recorders  

“Voice/tape recorders that are portable, battery-powered and still functional can sell well online,” Gu said. “I have never found any portable audio recording devices to sell, but this recommendation comes from my friends. Obviously, you should test the device and disclose any problems in your listing.”

Final Take

Just doing a quick inventory of what you have in your closet or garage is a great way to assess what you should keep and what you should sell on eBay. A sold item is better than a stored item. You could be sitting on several ways to make some extra cash.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding selling on eBay.
  • What is the most profitable item to sell on eBay?
    • Many product categories have above-average sales prices. Some of the most profitable items to sell on eBay include, used cell phones, luxury watches, computers or computer accessories, collectible toys and action figures and musical instruments.
  • What sells most on eBay?
    • Here are some items that sell the most on eBay:
      • Clothing
      • Jewelry
      • Vintage items
      • Books
      • Phone accessories
  • Who is the No. 1 seller on eBay?
    • For the last few years, a user by the name of "musicmagpie" has been the No.1 seller on eBay.
  • What are the easiest things to flip on eBay?
    • There are many things you can flip for a profit on eBay, here are some of the easiest:
      • Returned gifts
      • Used mobile phones
      • Furniture
      • Homemade crafts
      • Sports memorabilia
      • Baby clothes or kids' clothes

Caitlyn Moorhead contributed to the reporting for this article.