10 Everyday Items You Can Rent Out To Make Money

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Not so many years ago, the concept of renting out your spare room or entire residence to perfect strangers may have seemed ludicrous, Now, however, thanks to Airbnb, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. And spare rooms are just one of the many examples of things that you can rent out online (or via an app).

Did you know, for instance, that you can rent out your garage or parking space? Through sites like Neighbor.com, you can put your garage space on the rental market. Depending on where you live, you could pull in up to $600 per month by doing this.

Let’s explore 10 other things you can rent out to bring in some extra cash


The rental car market is no longer the exclusive property of behemoth car rental companies. Hosts can pull in upward of a thousand bucks a month by renting out their car on Turo, for instance.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are costly to own and maintain, but they can end up paying for themselves and then some if you list them for rent on a site like Swimply and reel in thousands a month.

Designer Clothing

Holding on to a Stella McCartney dress you never get to wear? Or is a new Chanel handbag collecting dust in your purse? You don’t have to permanently part with these items to make money off them. Rent them out on sites like Style Lend and Rent My Wardrobe.

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Nothing says luxury — or maintenance fees — like a boat. Get yours off the dock and in the money by renting it out on Boatsetter or GetMyBoat

Musical Instruments 

Perhaps your cello days are over — or maybe you’re just taking a break. Whatever the case may be, your musical instruments could be singing a lucrative tune if you rented them out on a site such as Friend With A.

Baby Gear

Babies outgrow their gear fast, leaving many parents in the uncomfortable position of having no idea where to store it all. Rather than struggling to make room in the garage (which you should rent out!), rent out that baby gear on BabyQuip.  

Advertisement Space on Car 

Your car is an empty canvas. At least, that’s what some small businesses may see it as. If you’re cool with driving around in what is essentially a moving billboard, check out how to rent your car out for its advertising space on Carvertise.

Photography Gear

Other expensive stuff that may just be taking up space in your garage is photography gear. You can rent these high-cost items out on sites like ShareGrid and KitSplit

Internet Bandwidth 

Internet bandwidth is in such high demand that people will actually pay to rent it from you. If you’re interested, check out Honeygain, which makes it possible for people to rent out their bandwidth online to other users.

Make Your Money Work Better for You


Okay, this one may sound a little bit sad, but think of the beautiful relationships that could blossom from such an arrangement. As the name Rent a Friend implies, this is a site where you can actually sign up to rent — or rent out — friendship, which is perhaps the most valuable belonging of all.

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