Top Items To Sell Online Right Now


A quick way to make some easy money is to sell online the things you no longer use. But what do shoppers want? And what can sellers do to increase their odds of getting buyers to bite?

New research from resale platform Sella shows the most coveted items on its site right now — just in time for the holiday season: 

  • Amazon Kindle
  • MacBook Air
  • iPad + iPad Mini
  • Noise-canceling headsets, like Beats
  • High-end glassware and hosting items, like Nambe and Riedel
  • Guitars, specifically acoustic and classical
  • Xbox, Nintendo and gaming accessories and devices 
  • Small luxury accessories: Designer statement earrings and scarves
  • Home tech: SONOS, Nest Thermostats, Google Homes, HomePods

To compile the list of the most in-demand items, Sella looked at its most common items and orders for November and December 2021 and November 2022 to date, and compared that data to other parts of the year. 

“From there, we found clear trends for the most popular items consumers are searching for, buying and selling during this time of the year,” said Jordan Barnes, chief closet officer for Sella.

Barnes added that the research is timely because of the popularity of secondhand gifting. 

“We know ‘selling your stuff’ isn’t typically top of mind for consumers during such a buy-heavy holiday gifting season, but it really should be,” Barnes said. “Secondhand gifting is becoming more and more mainstream for all the right reasons. We wanted to find a way to help people make smart eco- and budget-conscious decisions this holiday season, and selling items they no longer use is a great way to do that.”

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How To Best Resell Your Items 

If you’re thinking about reselling items, consider these tips:

  • Provide extensive details. “Items have stories, and listings should include as much info as possible to really show the buyer what they’re getting,” Barnes said. “Since resale is such a different experience for consumers, providing as much detailed info as possible is a great way to stand out and give buyers peace of mind. For example, it’s not just ‘a red Polo sweater,’ it’s a ‘Rare Men’s Vintage Ralph Lauren Red Cableknit, in great condition, with minor piling, from a smoke and pet-free home.'”
  • Price to sell, and be realistic.Aiming high is great, so long as you’re staying within a realistic price range,” Barnes said. “Items priced unreasonably high run the risk of receiving no offers or interest, due to buyers being significantly priced out. For example, if you decide to list your MacBook Air at a price 30% higher than the current median resale selling price, that choice is yours, but this item is not likely to sell.” 
  • Communicate with buyers. Barnes said, “Resale buyers often have questions, like, ‘Does this fit true to size?’, ‘Do you have the model number?’ or ‘How does the fabric feel?’ — since they aren’t able to read as many online reviews as traditional retail. Being communicative and helpful can really help buyers pick your item over another.”

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