How To Find Your Cash App Routing Number

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Cash App is a financial services platform and peer-to-peer money transfer app. It allows you to transfer money to other Cash App users easily and also invest in stocks and bitcoin. Cash App is not a bank. Instead, it is a platform that partners with banks and other financial institutions to facilitate transactions.

As a Cash App user, you can set up direct deposit for your paycheck, other checks and your tax return. You will need some key information about your Cash App account to set up your direct deposit, including your Cash App routing and account numbers. Here is how to find them.

How Do You Find Your Cash App Routing Number and Account Number?

While Cash App itself isn’t a bank, it collaborates with two FDIC-insured banking partners: Sutton Bank, responsible for the Cash Card, and Lincoln Savings Bank, overseeing direct deposits, to provide basic financial services. Depending on where you live, your Cash App account uses the routing number of one of these two banks.

The Cash App routing number 073923033 is for Lincoln Savings Bank. Lincoln Savings Bank uses this routing number for partnerships with financial apps and platforms such as the Acorns investing app and Qapital.

Sutton Bank’s routing number for non-Fedwire Payments is 041215663.

To find your Cash App routing number and account numbers:

  1. From the Cash App home screen, select the “Money” tab. Your account balance will appear.
  2. Below your account balance, tap the routing and account numbers.
  3. Use the Cash App options to copy your account and routing numbers or write them down.

What if You Don’t Have a Routing Number in Cash App?

If you have followed the steps outlined above and cannot find a routing number, it is likely because your account does not have an activated Cash App Cash Card. You must have an enabled Cash Card to set up direct deposit. The Cash Card is a free Visa debit card that’s connected to your Cash App balance.

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You can order a Cash Card through Cash App. Once you receive and activate your Cash Card, you should be able to repeat the steps above to find your routing and account numbers and set up your direct deposit.

How Do You Set Up Direct Deposit for Cash App?

To set up a direct deposit for your paycheck, you must fill out a Cash App direct deposit form and email the form back to Cash App.

To get and submit a Cash App direct deposit form:

  1. Tap the “Money” tab on your Cash App home screen.
  2. Tap “Direct Deposit.”
  3. Select “Get Direct Deposit Form.”
  4. Fill out all of the requested information and provide your signature.
  5. Tap “Email Form” and enter the recipient’s email address, then tap “Send” to submit it.

For other types of deposits, such as a direct deposit for your tax return, you will not fill out a form on Cash App. Instead, you will provide the other party with your Cash App routing and account numbers. For instance, to have your tax refund directly deposited into your Cash App account, you would enter your Cash App routing number and account number when prompted during the filing of your tax return.


Outside of setting up direct deposit, it’s unlikely that you’ll need your Cash App routing number for anything. But anytime the occasion arises of having a check or payment directly deposited, you can supply your Cash App routing number and account number for an easy transfer into your account.

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The following are some of the most popular questions about Cash App routing numbers.
  • What is routing number 041215663 for Cash App?
    • Some Cash App users have the Sutton Bank routing number 041215663. Other Cash App users may have the Lincoln Savings Bank routing number 073923033. Since Cash App is not a bank, it partners with these two banks to facilitate users' transactions.
  • Does Cash App use your routing and account numbers?
    • Since Cash App is not a bank, it does not use your routing and account numbers. However, the partner banks that facilitate Cash App transactions use your routing and account numbers, as does any bank that you have authorized to directly deposit funds into your Cash App account.

Information is accurate as of April 21, 2023.

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