What Bill Gates’ Favorite Tweets Can Teach Us About Life

Elaine Thompson/AP/REX / Shutterstock.com

Elaine Thompson/AP/REX / Shutterstock.com

In 1975, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft, one of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies. Thirty-five years later, and now a titan of industry, Gates joined Twitter so that he could more easily share his thoughts with the world.

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Opening with “Hello World,” a play on the first thing programmers learn to create when they code, Gates quickly amassed a following of more than 52 million. He’s since used the platform to share his views and values with the rest of us. Here’s what Gates’ favorite tweets tell us about life.

Last updated: Feb. 3, 2021

We Should Always Be Learning

Gates’ seventh-favorite tweet (you read that right) speaks to the fact that China used more cement in the past three years than the United States used throughout the 20th century. While that information is staggering — just stop and think about it — even if you’re not a cement fan, you can still appreciate the value of learning something new.

And if you can be astounded by wonder every once in a while, like the way Gates was by this fact, then you’re likely going to have a better time reaching and growing as a person.

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We Should Always Give Back

When people get rich and successful, it’s easy to imagine that they’ll become movie villains ensconced in a fortress of solitude. But one of Gates’ most well-known passions is using his good fortune to give back to others.

That’s why it’s no surprise that raising awareness for important causes makes up a majority of the tech giant’s favorite tweets. And it’s a good reminder that we can all be doing more to give back.

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The Best Investments Are the Ones You Make in Humanity

Sure, everyone should be doing their best to keep their 401(k) and Roth IRAs healthy, but it’s important to look at the big picture, too. What are you doing to invest in the health of yourself, the people you love and the world?

While not everyone can pledge to donate $10 billion toward ensuring that a coronavirus vaccine is given to everyone who needs one, you can work toward helping those around you to stay as healthy as possible. That’s a common theme in Gates’ tweets.

Whether you’re helping combat child mortality around the world like Gates and Warren Buffett or putting on a mask to protect those around you, everyone could be doing more to invest in our collective success.

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There’s Always Room for Innovation (and Not To Take Things for Granted)

When is the last time you talked to someone about a toilet? For most, your bathroom time is something you both take for granted and keep to yourself. But as Gates points out in this tweet, there are people in the world who don’t have access to clean and usable bathrooms. And that means you not only have to raise awareness (like Gates is doing here) but figure out how to innovate, whether it’s in your own life or when looking at the bigger picture.

Oh, and you should take a look around at what you take for granted and see how you can make life better for those who don’t have the same things.  And appreciate what you have more, too!

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We Should Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When Melinda Gates asked Bill to introduce her during the Seattle stop of her book tour, Gates was honored. But he needed some pointers. So he got them from Obama.

Of course, not everyone has a former president on speed dial. But everyone could ask for help more (and beat themselves up less about it) when it comes to doing their jobs or making sound financial decisions.

Actually, these are all things Obama probably has a ton of insight on. Does anyone have his number? Anyone?

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