How To Rent Out Your Car, Pool and More for Extra Income

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Is your closet a collection of designer items collecting dust on their hangers? Or perhaps your pool or tennis court isn’t getting as much use now that your children have moved out of the house? You can turn these valuable items and areas in your home into an additional stream of income by renting them out to others.

Start earning an effortless income by taking a look at these rental ventures that will allow you to transform your vacant space and unused stuff into a business opportunity.

Swimply: Share Your Pool With Strangers

You can rent out your private pool by the hour on Swimply. This website is user-friendly and allows you to upload photos of your pool and pick an hourly rate based on your pool’s offerings. Then, you will be prompted to let guests know of any pool rules you want renters to be aware of.

Be sure to stay on top of bookings and check out the requests you receive to discover the local water lovers interested in booking with you. Using Swimply will provide secure payments to your bank account 24 hours after a booking has been completed.

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Turo: Loan Your Car With Ease

Booking a car through a car rental company can be a hassle. If there’s one thing drivers can appreciate, it’s a simple and trustworthy car rental process. On Turo, you can be a part of that mission while making some extra money by loaning out your underutilized vehicle.

Turo offers travelers insurance to all car owners offering coverage of $750,000 with a variety of protection plans to cater to every host’s preference. According to Turo, the average annual income from renting out a single car through the site is $10,516. While the car-sharing company does take 15% to 40% of the rental cost, that percentage goes towards advertising and insurance for your vehicle, thus, bringing you more customers.

Furniture Finder: Rent Out Your Empty Bedroom to Travel Nurses

On Furniture Finder you can rent out your spare bedroom to healthcare travelers looking for a temporary stay. Typically, these travelers are looking for housing for at least 30 days while on assignment. You can transform your extra bedroom into a money-making venture by listing your property on the website and filling out the important information the traveler would need to be aware of such as cost, description, pet policy, availability, photos and more.

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Your property will be featured on the site in record time as property verification takes less than 24 hours. Make sure to stay on top of your listing with regular updates regarding the space and its availability, and approve booking requests at your own discretion.

Style Lend: Share Your Closet by Lending Your Designer Items

The online marketplace continues to create new money-making opportunities. You can now breathe new life into your gently used designer items while earning some extra cash with Style Lend. Style Lend is an online lending and renting website where people can lend their designer items and rent from the closets of others.

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Lenders can start earning by listing their items and getting them approved by the site. As soon as they receive a rental request from a customer, they have 24 hours to accept the request and prepare the item for shipping. Lenders will receive 80% of the sale price and can retrieve their payment through PayPal or Venmo. You can start sharing your closet by lending designer brands including Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Hermés, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and more.

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RentMyCourt: Share Your Home Tennis Court With Local Players

You can create an additional stream of income by renting out your home tennis court on the website RentMyCourt, all while still using your home and the rest of your yard as usual. Share your court with players near you by adding information about the court and photos to the site. As guests review your listing and request reservations, you can chat with them and read their reviews before making a decision.

Finally, get paid securely for your rental as guests are charged upfront and you will receive your payment after each booking. You can also enjoy the security of $1 million of liability court insurance for court owners who rent through RentMyCourt.

Coming Soon: Joyspace, a Comprehensive Space Rental Site

In the future, you will also have the opportunity to list a variety of private spaces on one site — Joyspace. Interested potential owners or guests can join the waitlist now and receive the latest updates on this inclusive rental site. The website advertises its offering by stating, “Joyspace is democratizing luxury by allowing owners of awesome spaces to share them by the hour with those who would like to enjoy them.”

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With potentially available spaces including tennis courts, basketball courts, private gyms, docked boats, hot tubs and backyards, Joyspace plans to enable users to grow their income by turning underutilized spaces into a profit, all while streamlining the space-renting process by featuring many spaces in one place.

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