Rude Money Habits, Tipping Questions and More Modern Money Etiquette Help for 2022

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Let’s face it — money matters can be tricky. It’s not always easy to know how to split the check when dining with a group of friends or if you really have to pitch in for a coworker’s baby shower gift.

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Making the wrong move can cause you to offend friends, family and colleagues, but you also don’t want to spend more than necessary. Lately, GOBankingRates has offered guidance on many hot-button money issues to make sure you’re always prepared.

Here’s a look at our most important Modern Money Etiquette advice for 2022.

Should Your Venmo Transactions Be Public or Private?

Venmo is a seriously convenient way to send and receive cashless payments with friends and vendors. However, transactions on the app are public by default, meaning anyone on the internet can see the emojis, descriptions and timestamps that accompany each transaction — unless you change your settings to private.

Not sure if you should make your transactions private or keep them public? Keep reading to find out more on this topic and learn how to change your settings to private — if you decide to do so.

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Should You Still Tip When Service Is Bad?

Dining out is a luxury, so when you spend your hard-earned money at a restaurant, you expect to receive great service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

When your server fails to impress, you might be tempted to pay nothing but the balance of your check — i.e., leave no tip — but that might not be the right move. Here’s why you should think twice about stiffing a less-than-amazing server and a few ideas to rectify the situation.

Someone Owe You Money? How To Get It Back Without Ruining the Relationship

You lent money to a loved one and you expected to be repaid in a reasonable time period — but that didn’t happen. Now you’re essentially forced to ask them to pay you back or you fear you’ll never see the funds again.

To say this conversation will be awkward is an understatement, so you’re looking for ways to approach the subject without offending the other person. Here are some pointers to get your money back in a kind and compassionate manner.

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What’s the Polite Way To Check If Someone Has Received the Gift You Sent?

As a giving person, you took the time to buy a present for someone in your life and mail it to them. You thought they would reach out when it was received, but so far, you’ve heard crickets.

You want to make sure the gift arrived safe and sound, but you’re afraid checking in will seem like you’re begging for a “thank you.” Use this advice to politely reach out and make sure the package is in their possession.

Do You Always Have To Pitch In for an Event or Gift at Work?

One of your colleagues is always celebrating something or raising money for a charitable cause — and it’s costing you a lot of money. You’re happy to pitch in sometimes — i.e., for your work bestie’s wedding gift — but something has to give.

Right now, you’re putting way too much of your paycheck back into the office, so you’re hoping to set up boundaries. Here’s some guidance to help you know when to pitch in and when it’s OK to pass on a contribution.

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Here’s the Best Way To Handle Splitting the Check

Going out to eat with family and friends is a great way to catch up, but you’ve started dreading it because the bill is usually divided unfairly — and not in your favor. You’re on a budget, so you’re mindful of the price next to what you order, so it’s beyond frustrating to have to chip in for expensive entrees and pricey cocktails you didn’t even get to indulge on.

You don’t want to stop these fun nights out, but you’re ready to stop accepting invites if you have to keep paying more than your fair share. Use these tips to learn how to split the check in a way that works for everyone.

Rude Money Habits You Need To Break Now

When it comes to money matters, everyone has a different level of comfort. To be honest, you’re pretty open with all things financial, but everyone isn’t so willing to divulge.

The last thing you want is to do something that causes offense, so you’re looking for advice to help you understand what actions might be considered taboo. Take a look at 10 rude money habits that must be broken immediately.

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