10 Best Jobs in 2016 and How You Can Actually Get Them

Best Jobs in 2016

What did you want to be when you grew up? Maybe you thought astronaut, professional baseball player or even rock star. But I’ll bet you never gave much consideration to what jobs would have the most growth potential in the future. And while you might not become famous, the 10 hottest jobs of 2016 could offer you the salary and fulfillment you’re looking for. Check out the list.

1. Application Software Developer

Do you have a great idea for an app and love computer programming? Then consider a career as an application software developer, which is in high demand. Although having a computer engineering degree is commonplace, skills and experience could trump a degree if you’ve got the technical chops.

2. Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry is booming, so job growth is expected to continue in this field. To set yourself apart from the competition, go for a bachelor’s degree in nursing instead of an associate degree.

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3. Public Relations Specialist

Love social media and have the gift of gab or writing? Then this could be the career for you. To get a job in this field, it’s recommended that you get a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism or communication.

4.  IT Manager

Who is the first person you call when your computer breaks in the office? It’s the IT person, and there is big demand for this job. Education in this field is really important, so to get the highest pay, an MBA or master’s degree in computer science is highly recommended.

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5. Healthcare Administrator

As I mentioned earlier, the healthcare field is growing, so there is a demand for someone to manage healthcare systems. The Department of Labor says that a master’s degree in health services, public health or business administration is highly recommended.

6. Web Developer

It seems no matter what industry you are in, a presence on the Web is a given, so there is still a huge demand for Web developers. Although an associate degree is recommended, having a solid portfolio and client list is essential to getting hired in this field.

7. Market Research Analyst

If you consider yourself to be left-brained and love numbers and data, then you might be interested in a job as a market research analyst. As society becomes more reliant on information and data analysis, this job will be in high demand. For this type of work, it’s recommended that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in market research or a related field.

8. Elementary School Teacher

Teaching is a tried-and-true profession, and although the growth rate is not as high as some of our other top 10 jobs, it’s still a field that isn’t going anywhere and needs skilled and passionate people.

9. Information Security Analyst

You’ve heard the news reports about companies’ computer systems being hacked, so if you have the skills to stay one step ahead of cyberattackers, then a career as an information securities analyst might be right for you. It has the highest predicted job growth rate on this list at 37 percent.

10. Paralegal

The last job in our group of 2016’s hottest jobs is paralegal. If you want a career in law without the years of schooling or expensive tuition associated with becoming a lawyer, then consider a career as a paralegal. At a minimum, all you would need is an associate degree, although a bachelor’s degree and certification will set you apart from the competition.

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