5 Best Websites to Find a High-Paying Job in 2015

An unfortunate truth in the business world is that the employees who are the most loyal are often rewarded with less pay. The longer an employee stays with one company, the less he earns. In fact, employees who stay with the same company for more than two years will earn at least 50 percent less over the course of their careers, according to Forbes.

The single best move a talented, skilled professional can make is to leave a dead-end job in pursuit of a new title and, of course, a higher salary. If you’re seeking a higher salary, job-search sites can be a powerful tool to find opportunities and make new connections that will help you command better pay.

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5 Best Jobs Sites to Get a Higher Salary

The best jobs sites help you quickly find information on jobs you’re interested and connect with the hiring team at the company you want to work — and ultimately, increase your income. To help you in your job search, GOBankingRates highlights five jobs sites that can serve as excellent platforms for professionals to take the leap to a new position — and higher wages.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

1. 100KJobFinder

Powered by M&L Research Inc., 100KJobFinder.com focuses on 50 different job categories with median salaries which are at least $80,000 a year — including many which pay more than $100,000 and jobs that don’t require a college degree. Although the site’s interface is a bit clunky, its content is comprehensive and packed with resources.

100KJobFinder.com includes a job-hunting guide, frequently updated information about the job outlooks for the highest-paying industries and positions, as well as advice and tips about creating industry-specific resumes and cover letters. The site includes a search function and a comprehensive job board that is regularly updated with jobs that pay six-figures salaries. The site is completely free to use.

2. MyPlan

More than just a job board, MyPlan offers a wide array of tools for career planning, including a career database, an industry database, a video library, a salary calculator, online resources and a career community. MyPlan also offers a comprehensive menu of assessment tests, including career personality tests, career interest evaluation tests, a career skills profiler and a career-values assessment. The site is free to join and use, but some of the assessment tests require purchase.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

One of the most helpful and unique elements is MyPlan’s list of the 300 highest-paying jobs. Users can click on any career in the list and find out not only the average salary but also job descriptions, job requirements, related careers and other significant points.

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3. The Ladders

Used by 8 million professionals and 95,000 employers nationwide, The Ladders is a career community aimed exclusively at professionals who are searching for six-figure salaries. Users get a snapshot of high-paying jobs that are trending across the country and hiring alerts from more than 86,000 employers. The Ladders has its own algorithm, which enables it to filter jobs that are relevant to each individual user.

Members are included in employer searches — hiring managers run more than 25,000 searches on The Ladders for new applicants every day. A premium membership costs $25 dollars a month and lets users apply for jobs directly. A basic membership, which enables users to create a profile and be paired with prospective employers, is free.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor enables users to search millions of job listings. Members can use the site to see anonymous salary details for any job or company, and they can access employee reviews written by real people who work at any company an applicant is considering. Glassdoor offers blogs where users can find career advice and talent solutions.

Users can search jobs by keyword, location, company or job title. Those looking for higher salaries can select options that filter out all but the highest-paying jobs. Members can also search jobs on the go with a mobile app and have job updates sent to their inbox. Glassdoor lets users apply directly to jobs by uploading resumes to submit digitally from anywhere.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest business social network in the world, but while professionals utilize it for networking, LinkedIn’s power as a job-hunting tool is not always fully appreciated. Yet research shows that 90 percent of in-house recruiters hire through LinkedIn, reports career advice and job search magazine Carrealism.

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LinkedIn offers much more than just social networking for professionals — it is a robust job board that enables users to gather intelligence about their prospective employers before applying. LinkedIn’s job openings can be filtered by and searched by location, keyword, level of experience, salary or company.

With a few modifications to their own profiles, users can make LinkedIn a much more powerful resource. Pay specific attention to your headline and profile, which together constitute your online brand. Make sure to follow your target companies, and more specifically, find and follow the hiring managers in those companies to connect with them and avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

Each of these sites is free or has a free option. Get to know each one and remember, there is no rule that says you can’t use them all.

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