7 Surprising Career Benefits of Giving a Good Compliment

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We all love receiving a compliment, but can it really further your career? Science has shown that being able to give a good compliment can have a real impact on the future of our jobs. However, there is an art to giving the compliment. Once you learn that, you can start to reap the rewards of giving praise.

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How to Give a Good Compliment

It’s first important to understand what makes a good compliment. Giving out praise simply for the sake of giving praise will feel disingenuous to both you and the recipient. The trick to giving a great compliment is to actually mean what you say, then say it with conviction.

For example, if you tell someone that you really liked what they contributed in a meeting, follow it up with why you felt that way so the recipient knows it’s backed by a true feeling. A good compliment in this situation would be “I really loved what you said about our department needing more autonomy. I admire you for standing up for us.” This is letting the person know that you heard what they said and appreciated it. Compliments should be specific and genuine. If you give multiple compliments, make sure they recognize a different attribute than one you’ve highlighted before. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make anyone’s day.

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Compliments Reduce Burnout

Complimenting a colleague on their work lets them know that you recognize and value their contributions. This is especially important to note since 79 percent of employees who quit their jobs cited a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving . When employees feel valued, they don’t feel as overworked or worn out by the work they’re doing. This also boosts their self-esteem and their self-evaluations. Research has even shown that getting a compliment feels just as good as receiving money.  Studies also show that giving a compliment also gives you a mood boost, which in turn helps you enjoy your job more. When you help create this type of work environment by giving a compliment, you encourage a cycle of appreciation, which helps ensure others won’t be afraid to build you up when you do a good job. This leads to less questioning about if the work you’re doing is meaningful and more satisfaction in your everyday life.

Compliments Improve Performance 

If you’re a manager, this is especially good to remember. When you give someone you manage a sincere compliment, this can create a pattern of great work. Once people have been told they’re doing a good job, they’ll want to keep succeeding in order to keep getting rewarded with a compliment. Studies find that managers who make it a habit of recognizing their employees saw a 60 percent increase in engagement in the work they were doing.

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Compliments Make Connections

Making strong bonds at work can sometimes be difficult, but a great compliment makes it easier. Showing people that you see them and like what they’re doing helps put them at ease, and it opens up opportunities for more conversations. This helps to unite your team and just make work a more enjoyable place to be. 

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Compliments Breed Creativity 

Creating a culture of compliments empowers people to think what they’re adding to the workplace is worth having. This enables employees to feel more free in their thinking, which opens up possibilities for more creative ideas and strategies. This elevates the quality of the work you’re doing because people feel more comfortable in an environment where their work is appreciated. 

Compliments Build Trust

Saying that you value what someone else is doing at work lets them know you see them, and that you’re there for them. People will feel that you truly understand what they do, and feel comfortable talking to you about work matters, both good or bad. 

Increase Brain Function

When you give a compliment to someone, dopamine is released inside their brain. Dopamine helps improve motivation, focus and positivity, helping to make your workplace better. Studies show that receiving a compliment also has the ability to increase our long-term memory, which helps solidify concepts in our brain so we can get better at tasks over time. This could help streamline your work and even increase revenue. 

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