73% of Gen Z More Confident in 2023 Job Market — Why They’re More Optimistic Than Other Generations

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Gen Z Americans — the first digitally native generation — are not only feeling more optimistic about their career prospects today than they did at this time last year, but they are also more confident than their older peers.

A new FlexJobs’ 2023 Generations at Work Report of over 7,000 U.S. respondents found that 73% of Gen Z workers feel more optimistic about their career prospects today than they did at this time in 2022.

By contrast, only 43% of millennials said they’re more optimistic, while a meager 31% of Gen Xers reported feeling more optimistic, the survey found.

“It’s clear that across generations, flexible job options like remote and hybrid work are incredibly valuable to workers of all ages,” said Toni Frana, lead career expert at FlexJobs. “As the survey highlighted, younger professionals — although less interested in working from home full time — overwhelmingly want hybrid work, and say they’re far more productive working remotely compared to working in a traditional workplace.”

According to Frana, Gen Z Americans’ optimism could be a result of having more hybrid job opportunities than in previous years, as more companies are incorporating hybrid models into their organization.

“In addition, with the vast amount of information readily available on social media channels and networking platforms, it’s easier to learn about careers, different career paths, and skill building opportunities, which enables job seekers to implement and execute a more effective job search action plan as they move ahead in their careers,” added Frana.

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Frana concluded that these insights could support more companies in managing and embracing flexible workplace models that unite workers, create common ground and build more cohesive teams that span generations.

Job market is better than a year ago

Their positive outlook doesn’t stop here. The survey found that 66% of Gen Z thinks the job market is better for job seekers today compared to this time last year — a much higher percentage than other generations. Comparatively, only 34% of millennials and 28% of Gen Xers share this positive sentiment.

In the same vein, less than one-third (29%) of Gen Z workers think the job market is worse today compared to this time last year, while more than half of millennials (53%) and Gen X (55%) said the job market is worse.

It’s easier to find remote work

And in terms of how easy it is to find a remote job currently, yet again, Gen Zers are leading the way with 54% saying it’s easier compared to last year, while that figure dwindles to 24% for millennials and only 16% for Gen X.

This generation favors a hybrid environment, with 43%, according to the survey. Meanwhile, only 22% favor a remote-only workplace, while 5% favor an in-office workplace.

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