The 10 Best Companies for Working Dads

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Much has been written about the gender wage gap and America’s complete and total lack of paid maternity leave — and rightly so. Those are basic protections that no other country in the entire developed world denies its new mothers.

But fathers raise children, too, and companies that help them balance work and life should be applauded, just like the ones that make an effort for working moms.

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Speaking of, Working Mother understands that families truly win only when the needs of both parents are taken seriously by their employers. Every year, the publication recognizes the companies that are most committed to giving dads the chance to be good fathers and good employees at the same time.

Here’s a look at the top 10 companies that Working Mother honors for helping men walk the difficult tightrope of career and family.

Last updated: June 23, 2021

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1. Abbvie

AbbVie is a North Chicago-based drugmaker that consistently ranks as one of the best places for working parents of any gender or household role. One of Working Mother’s top 10, the company is famous for its support of working dads, specifically. While benefits vary by country in the global corporation, its 47,000 employees enjoy access to child care and parental leave that both moms and dads appreciate.

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2. Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the largest companies in the world, employing more than 171,000 people across the globe. That means that their strong policies — which include subsidized child care — are having a positive impact on a whole lot of working dads. The company has earned a place on the Working Mother list for an impressive 25 years.

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3. Deloitte

Deloitte is a well-known advisory firm that provides a wide variety of professional services. The company’s nearly 90,000 employees enjoy benefits like an impressive family leave policy that delivers 16 weeks of paid time off for new parents of any gender. Employees can also get up to $50,000 in reimbursement for costs associated with adoption or surrogacy.

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4. Ernst & Young

The nearly 300,000 employees of the powerful professional consulting firm Ernst & Young enjoy an environment that makes becoming a parent that much easier to balance with work. Ranking among Working Mother’s top 10, the company offers a minimum of four months of paid parental leave available to all of its employees.

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5. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In 2019, Employee Benefit News reported that Hewlett Packard Enterprise joined many of its colleagues and competitors in the world of tech giants in beefing up its parental benefits. It had offered about 12 weeks of paid time off to its nearly 60,000 employees when they became new parents, but that year, it upped its paid parental leave to an impressive six months off.

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6. IBM

Big Blue has been a key player in the business landscape in America for generations — and the benefits they have for working fathers are generous. The company offers its 350,000 employees — including dads, moms, surrogates, and adoptive parents — 12 paid weeks off for parental bonding.

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7. Johnson & Johnson

If there was one company that needed to stand out for how it treats working parents, it was Johnson & Johnson. After all, with so many different products marketed and produced specifically for child care, a weak policy on parental leave would be a PR disaster. No worries there, though. Johnson & Johnson is one of the companies that can boast more than 25 years of being included on the Working Mother list.

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8. McKinsey & Co.

Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company’s more than 34,000 employees can expect several perks that help balance home life and office life. That includes a minimum of two months paid leave for new parents, including dads. The company recently published an in-depth study of the importance of parental leave not just for traditional moms and dads, but for all families.


9. RSM

A global network of accounting firms, RSM offers its clients a variety of audit and tax consulting services to help companies manage their books efficiently. Internally, they’re also one of the winners for working dads with their 48,000 employees enjoying benefits like backup child care and paid parental leave to help them balance their work with their lives.

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10. Unilever

Unilever is a massive Dutch consumer goods conglomerate that offers customers a wide variety of products through a robust brand portfolio that includes Dove and Vaseline. It’s also among the top 10 best companies, per Working Mother, for the robust benefits it offers employees. That includes two months of paid leave for new parents at a minimum, regardless of their gender.

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Andrew Lisa contributed to the reporting for this article.