25 Best Fun Jobs That Also Pay Well in 2021 

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If you find a job that suits your personality, work can be a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at some of the most fun jobs of 2021, who they are best for, and how well they pay.

25 Best Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2021

Take a look at this list of the 25 most fun jobs that also offer great pay for 2021.

1. Animal Care and Service Workers

Median Annual Salary: $31,520

If you love animals, you can work in a zoo, a vet’s office or an animal shelter. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in these animals’ lives and get paid pretty well in the process.

2. Interior Designer

Median Annual Salary: $56,878

Being an interior designer is great for anyone that has a knack for bringing out the best in a space.

3. Blogger

Median Annual Salary: $38,440

Blogging gives you the opportunity to entertain, teach and influence others. You can choose a topic you’re passionate about and share your knowledge and opinions with others, making for a fun and rewarding career.

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4. Magician

Median Annual Salary: $54,071

Most people are still kids at heart and love the idea of waving a magic wand. If the words “Abracadabra” and “Shazam” still get you excited as an adult, put it to work for you as a professional magician!

5. Master Lego Builder

Median Annual Salary: $37,500

Even as an adult, the idea of building amazing things from Legos is exciting. Let your inner child take over and become a master builder.

6. Toy Designer

Median Annual Salary: $65,678

If you’ve ever wanted to bring an awesome toy idea to life, being a toy designer could be for you!

7. Marine Biologist

Median Annual Salary: $42,674

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with fish, sharks, or dolphins? Being a marine biologist means you can study them up close and personal, and get paid to do it.

8. Winemaker

Median Annual Salary: $75,399

Winemaking combines the best of creativity and sensory delight for a career that, like any great wine, gets better with age.

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9. Event Planner

Median Annual Salary: $33,000

If you naturally take the reins to plan family get-togethers and office parties — and enjoy doing it — put those skills to work as a professional event planner.

10. Cruise Director

Median Annual Salary: $63,185

If event planning sounds like your dream job but you also crave the sea, become a cruise director. You’ll get to coordinate and manage activities while enjoying a life on the ocean.

11. Cruise Ship Entertainer

Median Annual Salary: $30,606

Every cruise ship has some type of entertainment, from dancers to musicians. The median salary for each type varies, but most make over $30,000 per year.

12. Graphic Designer

Median Annual Salary- $46,553

If you love to create graphics and work with different fonts, being a graphic designer is a great option.

13. Video Game Designer

Median Annual Salary: $90,270

Forget playing video games when you can create them and get paid really well to do it!

14. White Hat Hacker

Median Annual Salary: $103,590

Hacking can get you in a lot of trouble, unless you get hired to do it. Companies are always looking for security analysts to find weak spots, and they pay very good money for it.

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15. Personal Shopper

Median Annual – $37,612

There’s a dream job for everyone, even those that love to shop. You can work on someone else’s dime while browsing the aisles.

16. Professional Video Game Player

Median Annual Salary: $51,999

If you really just want to play video games, that’s okay, too. People around the world get paid to do it every day, either through competitive leagues or just streaming from their home.

17. Voice Actor

Median Annual Salary: $76,297

You don’t have to be on camera to be in a movie or show. You just need a great voice and a little luck.

18. Novelist

Median Annual Salary: $49,046

Have incredible story ideas floating around in your head? Share them with the world in-print or through ebooks.

19. Social Media Influencer

Median Annual Salary: $46,703

Love using social media? Become an influencer or brand ambassador to get paid for connecting with people online.

20. Stunt Person

Median Annual Salary: $34,873

This is a perfect job for any adrenaline junkies out there–just be sure you understand the risks.

21. Fashion Designer

Median $73,790

Why shop for clothes when you can design your own instead? Becoming a fashion designer, whether independently or as part of a larger business, is within reach!

22. Radio Announcer

Median Annual Salary: $39,098

Have you always been complimented on your voice? Try being a radio announcer and share it with everyone in your area.

23. Sommelier

Median Annual Salary: $45,599

Being a sommelier gives wine lovers a great excuse to dive into what they love, develop their palette and make informed recommendations.

24. Brewmaster

Median Annual Salary: $41,330

For those who enjoy a beer more than a glass of wine, brewing your own beer for the public might be just the ticket to a more fulfilled life.

25. Personal Trainer

Median Annual Salary: $62,665

Being a personal trainer is a fun job for those who love fitness. You get to get paid for staying healthy and teaching others how to do the same.


Work feels less like work when you have a job you love. Take some time to truly consider your personality and the things you love to do. Chances are that there is a job out there that is perfect for you and your income needs.