20 Companies That Let You Bring Your Dog to Work

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hobo_018 / Getty Images

If you’re a dog owner — or just a dog lover — getting the opportunity to work among your four-legged friends might seem like an ideal situation. And, studies have shown that working with dogs can come with a variety of benefits, including increased collaboration and reduced stress.

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Since the pandemic began in 2020, many of us have become used to having our pets as coworkers. But, as some of us ramp up to go back to the office, we might be worried about leaving our pets alone for the first time in two years–both for them, and for us. Fortunately, many major businesses allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Some even offer extra perks like pet insurance and puppy parental leave.

Here are 20 companies where you can spend more time with your pup.

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If you work at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, chances are you’ll run into at least one dog a day — there are up to 7,000 pups on the campus at any given time. The tradition first started in the early days of Amazon.com, when a husband-and-wife team would regularly bring their Welsh corgi, Rufus, to work with them. Rufus became a true member of the Amazon team, and his memory is still honored today, with photos of him around campus and even a building named after him.

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©Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s has a regular crew of “K9-5ers” that join their owners at work every day.

“Members of the K9 crew start their day with a pup-friendly treat at the reception desk, and enjoy plenty of pets, cuddles and walks throughout the day,” said the ice cream company on its website. 

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Bissell sells a whole line of pet products and supplies, so it makes sense that the company has a dog-friendly office. Dogs are allowed every day at its Grand Rapids, Michigan, headquarters — which even has a dedicated “PetSpot” with kennels, treats, a dog bath, toys and an open area for dogs to play together. 


Build-A-Bear Workshop

When there’s a staff birthday at the Build-A-Bear World Bearquarters, pets receive an invitation too — and they even get their own dog-friendly desserts as part of the celebration. Pets can work at the Build-A-Bear Workshop headquarters every day and at the Bearhouse distribution center several days a year.

Janell Hughes / Clif Bar

Clif Bar

Clif Bar has allowed pets in the office since the company started, and there are more than a dozen dogs who come to work with their owners every day.

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Etsy has had a dog-friendly office policy since it was founded in 2005. Now, Etsy has a hybrid schedule for most of its offices, so you’ll never have to be without your pup while you work.

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Working at subscription box company FabFitFun comes with a number of perks, including catered lunch twice a week, a kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks and dog-friendly offices. They also provide pet insurance for employees.

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Glassdoor’s Mill Valley, California, headquarters is dog-friendly — and comes with beautiful San Francisco Bay views. Glassdoor was also named the best place to work by North Bay Business Journal in 2015.

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Google’s offices are dog-friendly, and there’s even a dog park at the Mountain View complex called the Doogleplex.

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Kabbage, a company that provides loans to small businesses, prides itself on its company culture — which includes dog-friendly offices. You might even see a pooch attending team meetings in the conference room.

“You haven’t truly brainstormed until you’ve done so with a golden retriever,” said the company on its website.

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Photo by Adela Lee / Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton Hotels

All Kimpton Hotels are pet-friendly for guests, and the policy extends to employees as well.

“We’ve been pet-friendly since our founding in 1981 — even our founder, Bill Kimpton, would bring his dog, Chianti, to work knowing that dogs have the innate ability to lift spirits,” said the company on its website. “Today, some of Kimpton’s most popular employees have a tendency to drool and lie down on the job.”

Many Kimpton Hotels even have their own “director of pet relations.”

“They eagerly greet guests in our lobbies, quality test our pet amenities and lord over the nightly wine hours,” said Kimpton Hotels on its site. These honorary staff members get paid in treats and belly rubs.

Kimpton loves dogs so much that one of the employee benefits for Kimpton workers is pet insurance.

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Employees who work at PetSmart’s Phoenix home office location can bring their dogs to work. The campus even has an on-site dog park, along with a “Top Dog” fitness center, a “Sit & Stay” cafe and a Halloween costume contests for children and dogs.

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Purina has allowed its employees to bring their dogs to work for over 20 years, as the company believes this policy is beneficial to both the pets and their owners.

Eighty-five percent of employees of companies with pets in the office say that pets-at-work policies are beneficial, according to a survey conducted in 2015 by Purina in conjunction with Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine,” said the company on its website. “Some of these benefits include reduced blood pressure, a decrease in loneliness, lower cholesterol levels, higher employee morale, increased productivity and a boost in physical activity.”

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Salesforce’s San Francisco headquarters has a “Puppyforce” room where employees can reserve a desk for themselves and their dogs. The dog-friendly company also hosts pet adoption events with local shelters.

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Sugarfina’s corporate office in El Segundo, California, is dog-friendly, and the company offers other perks for pet owners too. New puppy parents get two days off for “pawternity leave,” and employees can also sign up for pet insurance through the high-end candy business.

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Among Ticketmaster’s employee benefits are its dog-friendly offices and the option to get pet insurance through the company.

©Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka emphasizes the phrase “Take Your Dog to Work Every Day,” which started with its founder.

“When Tito Beveridge, founder of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, started making our vodka in the Mockingbird Distillery, he didn’t go a day without his best friend DogJo by his side,” said the company on its website. “The idea of having your trusty companion with you every step of the way started with Tito and has continued with each member of Team Tito’s.” 

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Tradesy, a marketplace for pre-owned luxury apparel, allows dogs at its Santa Monica, California, headquarters. Other employee perks include catered lunches and company happy hours.



The enterprise resource planning platform Workday allows employees to bring their dogs to its offices in Pleasanton, California; Salt Lake City; and Victoria, British Columbia. There’s even an annual “Bring Your Dog to Workday” party in the Pleasanton office.

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The gaming company based in San Francisco is not only dog-friendly, but offers subsidized pet insurance and has a rooftop dog park.

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