Where to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Sell gift cards for cash and get rid of the ones you won’t use.

Getting a prepaid gift card for a store or restaurant can be a welcome addition to your wallet — unless the card you receive is for something you don’t like. When you were expecting a gift card for Chili’s, but you got one for Burger King instead, don’t fret: You can sell gift cards you don’t want. And, no, you won’t have to list them on some black market gift card exchange site.

Several online options exist for finding your gift cards a new home. Here’s how and where to sell gift cards for cash instantly so you can get the gift you really want.

Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash Online?

Don’t feel bad if you decide to sell unwanted gift cards you’ve received. Doing this can be a great way to turn gift cards into gift cash to get something you actually want. Several online marketplaces buy and resell gift cards and are worth checking out.

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In addition to trading in your gift cards for cash, you can also buy discount gift cards online or trade yours in for a Visa gift card. Here’s where to sell your gift cards online for cash:

1. Gift Card Granny

The Gift Card Granny database lists gift card auctions and sales available on other websites where you can sell your cards — and it’s also a great place to buy gift cards online.

To sell a gift card, enter the card information to get the best cash offer. When you like the deal the broker is offering, just follow the steps on its website to accept it and sell your card. You should generally receive payment for your gift card within three to seven business days.

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2. Cardpool

Cardpool is another gift-card seller’s and buyer’s marketplace, which accepts physical and electronic gift cards and store credits for more than 3,000 establishments. Sellers can get up to 92 percent of their card’s original value, according to the site.

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You simply enter the card’s balance on the website and get an instant payout offer, or you choose the payout you would like. You can get paid right away or opt to wait for a higher payout. Once you decide when you want to be paid, you can choose between an instant Amazon gift card or a check. Either way, your shopping budget just got a little bigger.

3. CardCash

CardCash does what its name says: The website will turn your gift cards into cash, eliminating the need to put the cards up for sale on the web. CardCash promises to issue a high reimbursement rate for your gift card within 24 to 48 hours.

To sell your gift card, simply enter some information. In fewer than 10 seconds you can see how much you’ll get in exchange for it. Next, you enter the card number and pin and some basic personal information. CardCash verifies your card’s balance, and then you get your money.

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4. Raise

At Raise, you can sell your Target, Macy’s or Best Buy gift card — as well as cards from a host of other popular stores and restaurants — for cash, or buy discount gift cards to use at a wide range of stores. You can sell gift cards for cash at the price you choose. You just list your cards on the site’s marketplace and get paid when they sell.

It’s free to list your cards, and you receive payment via check, direct deposit or PayPal. Raise.com accepts gift cards and merchandise credit from any brand or restaurant, and you can also sell a gift card or store credit that’s been partially used. The company verifies sellers by credit card and pays them when buyers receive the cards.

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5. Gift Card Zen

Turn your unwanted cards into cash at Gift Card Zen in three easy steps: Choose the place the card is from, enter how much it’s worth and click on “Get Offer.” Accept the offer, and you’ll be paid within 10 to 14 business days via PayPal to the email address you provided.

6. Card Kangaroo

To sell your gift cards at Card Kangaroo, you must have physical cards, not electronic versions. The process is easy: You list the cards you want to sell for cash, get offers then decide which ones you want to accept.

Next, you’ll get a free shipping label to mail in your gift cards. Last, you’ll get your payment typically within 48 hours after Card Kangaroo receives the gift cards if you use PayPal and two to five days if you opt for a check.

Turn Your Gift Card Into Cash

When you sell gift cards online electronically, treat them like any other item of value. When you’ve received an unwanted gift card or certificate, check store terms before you sell it — you might be able to redeem yours for cash right in the store. But don’t despair if that’s not possible — you have plenty of options for getting cash for gift cards, either online or in person.

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Where to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash
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