7 Industries Doing the Most Hiring This Month

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The economic ups and downs of the past few years have shaken up many people’s professional lives and careers. People have left industries they used to work in, worked remotely for chunks of time and participated in such phenomena as the Great Resignation and quiet quitting.

At the same time, super high inflation has raised the question of whether we might be heading into a recession sometime soon, making many people nervous about their job prospects.

A month into a new year, many people may be ready to look for new jobs. We’ve found seven of industries that are hiring this month and going forward.


While people will always need healthcare, the pandemic made clear just how much we rely on these essential workers to care for people’s health and wellness at all times of year and under any circumstances. Additionally, with doctor, nurse and other healthcare worker shortages, it’s an industry that is well suited for growth. Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that jobs in the healthcare sector may grow 13% between now and 2031.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Tech

AI is all the buzz these days, partly due to apps that let us reimagine ourselves as fairies, warriors and just about anything else the algorithm can conjure up. However, AI technologies undergird many other technologies and industries, and if you’ve got the skills, the future will need you for help with such things as robot-assisted surgical procedures and automation that improves businesses. According to Global Newswire, the AI market will grow 20.1% by 2029. 


Though COVID-19 isn’t gone, and it’s still smart to take precautions, the hospitality sector has bounced back significantly from the early days of the pandemic, when it saw a dramatic downturn that had experts worried about the fate of hotels, restaurants and airlines, to name a few. Since then, the hospitality sector has had more than a comeback. In fact, the BLS projected the industries with the fastest-growing wages and salaries, and hospitality turned up in seven out of 20 positions.

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Renewable Energy

The future is going to have to be green if we are to stave off further ravaging effects of climate change. The renewable energy industry is one of the ways we can achieve a cleaner and more sustainable future, and it’s in a growth spurt. According to BestCompaniesAZ, this industry is about to grow exponentially. According to WeForum, this industry could be adding as many as 4.5 million new jobs every year for the next decade. This can include jobs in solar, wind energy and biomass power plants.


Many people likely remember the days when it was hard to find toilet paper, or your deliveries were delayed, or sitting on shipping containers because companies didn’t have enough healthy employees to do the work of unloading supplies. Another industry that has bounced back from the early supply interruptions of the pandemic is manufacturing. BestCompaniesAZ predicts that there will be numerous openings in jobs such as machinists, welders, and industrial production.


With supply chain disruptions being ironed out and a healthy economy driving people to shop, it makes sense that the brick-and-mortar retail industry will continue to thrive in 2023. According to ModernRetail, retail already was showing a significant comeback at the end of 2022, with the U.S. adding 9,000 retail jobs in December after losing 30,000 in October.

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Going forward, retail jobs certainly will be in demand. An offshoot of this is the e-commerce sector, which saw huge gains during the pandemic, and built new shopping habits into consumers.

Shipping and Delivery

With supply chain issues ironed out and people shopping more, the shipping and delivery industry is booming, according to Entrepreneur. As many as 8% of all retail sales happen online, requiring those items to be shipped and delivered to consumers, and Entrepreneur predicts this will be one of the fast-growing industries in the coming year, not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

Major Corporations

While this is not a specific industry, according to CNBC, big corporations with more than 5,000 employees are more likely to be hiring because they have the money and the manpower to weather the economic swings, and they have time-tested strategies for keeping people employed. So, if you’re looking for a job, consider picking the “big guys” over the smaller businesses for a better shot.

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