Is After Tax Season a Good Time To Start a New Job Search?

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Job searching can be stressful at any time of the year, but some times are a bit better than others. While a lot of employers begin their job hiring in earnest at the first of the year, this can extend into early spring, according to Top Resume, especially if tax preparation was a lengthy or time-consuming process for the company.

Here, experts explore pros and cons of applying for a job after tax season has wrapped up.


A Job Candidate’s Market

Right now, due to the Great Resignation and pandemic-related economic recovery, it is a “candidates’ market,” said Ann Jones, director of business development for ACS Professional Staffing.

“Employers are currently facing the fallout from the Great Resignation and are looking for talented individuals to fill the gap in their current workforce,” Jones said. “Some of our clients are now open to candidates with non-traditional qualifications to fill their openings, and many of our clients have grown during the last six to 12 months and have added headcount. Whether people are looking to stay in their current industry or to make a move to a new one, candidates have multiple opportunities when it comes to their search.”

Job Market Is More Active

Tax season can be a stressful and busy time for many companies, making the calmer time post-tax season a better time to apply for a job, said Samantha Hawrylack, a personal finance expert and co-founder of How To FIRE.

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“The job market is more active after tax season,” Hawrylack said. “Many businesses wait until after tax season to start hiring for new positions. This means that there are typically more job openings available during this time of year.”

A Good Time To Network

“After tax season, many business professionals are looking to network and build new relationships,” Hawrylack said. “This makes it a great time to reach out to potential contacts and connect with new people in your industry.”

Get Ahead of Summer Vacations

Sherrie Ashley, co-founder of PeopleFastFind, said January through mid-June is the best time for job searching because companies want to have new employees situated before the next fiscal quarter starts and before employees start leaving for summer vacations.

“Companies start recruiting during springtime because they need to have everyone in place by June 1,” Ashley said. “However, once summer starts, you can expect a recruiting drop as vacation schedules slow down the processes from moving forward.”

Prime Recruiting Time

The after-tax season is prime time for recruiting, particularly for executive hiring, said HR professional Sara Graves, of USTitleLoans. “During this period, we actively search for soon-to-be college graduates to get access to advanced skill-sets and creative minds. After filing their tax returns, most companies start looking for new growth opportunities to achieve their upcoming goals.”

She recommends that aspiring job hunters send as many job applications as they can after tax season to increase their chances of getting hired.

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It’s as Good a Time as Any

As an HR manager for PEO Companies, Nelson Sherwin said, “Any time is a good time for job searching. If you need a job or want a new one, and businesses are hiring, who cares if it’s tax season or flu season, get out there and find a job. Yes, tax season may affect the budgets of businesses and that may factor into their hiring decisions, but that’s not anything you can control.”


Competition Is Fierce

While companies may be hiring in droves, one downside is that you may face more competition, Hawrylack said. Because the job market is more active during this time of year, you may have to compete against a larger number of candidates for open positions.

“It is a time of more opportunities, but with more opportunities comes more competition. If you’re looking for a new job, it’s worth considering this time of year. However, be aware of the potential drawbacks and make sure to weigh all your options before making a decision.”

New Graduates May Get Priority

Another possible con of job searching just after tax season is that companies may be looking more at new graduates in the field instead of seasoned employees.

“As a manager for an e-commerce company, by the time mid-April rolls around, we’re starting to look at the people who will be graduating college soon and putting our hiring time and energy into finding prospects who will be finishing school soon,” said Todd Ramlin, manager of Cable Compare. “If you’re not in that group of soon-to-be college graduates, after tax season is a bad time to start a job search because you are going to run into a lot more competition than you will at other times of the year.”

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